Anonymous Coach Warns Of Tough Years For Hogs


As Athlon Sports rolls out it’s football previews, a popular feature is “Candid Comments” in which the magazine allows coaches in conferences to evaluate, anonymously other teams. The outlook from one of the candid commenting coaches regarding the Arkansas Razorbacks 2013 football season isn’t positive.

In addition to trashing previous recruiting efforts for the Razorbacks, the evaluator says, “… [The Razorbacks] are going to be terrible in Year 1. … It’s going to take them three years to get a good foundation.”

You can see all of the comments in the image below. (h/t to @arkansas_logo for the image)

Candid Comments on Razorbacks Football Team 2013

The comments on former Razorbacks head football coach Bobby Petrino – “It’s a product of bad recruiting – which is typical of Bobby Petrino” – the candid coach says, are unflattering, at best, and remind us of one of the best analysis of a Post-Petrino football program we have ever read.

Eric Crawford, a columnist for WDRB.Com wrote last year in a post titled, “Why Post-Petrino Petrino Life is No Picnic” the following:

But at the college level, when Petrino walks out the door, the vacuum left is considerable.

It doesn’t mean the guys following Petrino haven’t known what they were doing. They’ve demonstrated in their football careers that they do — though at Louisville there were major coaching issues with Kragthorpe that in the end accounted for the decline, and you can’t say there aren’t major problems at Arkansas with current leadership too.

But Arkansas was in trouble on the field from the day Petrino was dismissed, even though John L. Smith is a good coach. The combination of tanking of confidence and the natural tendency of players to relax once an intimidating factor is gone leads to problems. So does the onset of losing. So does losing a gifted offensive play-caller.

If you’ve not read all of Crawford’s analysis on life after Petrino, you should.

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