Best-Selling Arkansas-Made Duck Calls

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Echo Calls – XLT Timber Call 

The XLT Timber Call is Echo’s most versatile duck call, producing a loud ringing hail call when hunting big open water. Says Echo’s website: “when you need to get soft and nasty, the XLT Timber Call will put the finishing touches on those hard to work mallards.” Costs are $85 to $140.

Black Ops Duck Calls – Death from Below Duck Call

The Death from Below (DFB) is a Bayou Meto-style duck call that “breaks ‘em high and puts ‘em in your face,” Black Ops’ website says. The DFB is made of a material developed by founder Mike Fleeman that is a combination of plastic and rubber. Cost is $75.

Mojo Duck Calls – Mojo Mellow Yellow

The Mojo Mellow Yellow is made of amber-yellow transparent Tenite, allowing users to see the reed inside the call. The Mellow Yellow call has a “real ducky sound,” with a full range of clear and crisp tones, from the low to high end, says Mojo owner Bob Migeot. It is also an easy call to blow. Cost is $100.

RNT Calls – Alpha 2 

The Alpha 2 is a double-reed duck call that produces the raspy sound of a mallard hen. It is made of acrylic with a stainless steel band. RNT’s website says the Alpha 2 gives “the user the forgiveness and ease of use of a double-reed without sacrificing the free bottom of a single reed.” This call is best for timber, fields, open water and public areas. Costs are $85 to $140.

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