Eric from Fire Dancer BBQ calls them the “One Bite Wonders”

MOINK Balls Ingredients 

32oz frozen cooked meatballs (I use Walmart Great Value brand)
Two 16-oz packages of bacon (I use Walmart Great Value brand)
Favorite BBQ Rub or spice mix

Favorite BBQ sauce, Jelly, Syrup for glazing and dipping

  1. Semi-thaw the meatballs, wrap with bacon and hold in place with a toothpick.
  2. Dust with a medium coat of your favorite BBQ rub or spices.
  3. Cook at 275° with pecan wood for a light smoke flavor.
  4. After 1 ½ hours or when bacon becomes crisp, apply BBQ sauce and cook for 10-15 more minutes (to set the glaze).
  5. Remove and serve.

Recipe makes enough for 10 servings

MOINK Balls Recipe 

These one bite wonders are very easy to make and will lead to some colorful conversations.  MOINK Balls are a combination of beef meatballs (Moo) wrapped in bacon (Oink) slow cooked with a kiss of smoke and a nice sweet dipping sauce.  How many times can you say to someone, “Those are some good lookin’ balls you have there”, as you grab a few MOINK’s for an appetizer?

Start with a couple of packages of bacon, a package of frozen meatballs, BBQ Rub (or spice mix) and toothpicks.

Let the meatballs thaw enough so that you can stab them with a toothpick.  You can also thaw them a bit in the microwave for a few seconds but make sure you don’t cook them.  Cut the bacon in half and wrap it around the meatball securing with a toothpick.  I’ve also used a skewer when cooking a large amount but be careful if you go the skewer route, it’s easy to split the meatball in half.  Season with your favorite rub or spice mix, a medium coat will work.  For this batch, I’m using Smoking Guns Hot which goes well with beef, pork and just about everything.

Place the MOINK’s on your smoker (or you can use the grill, just make sure it is an indirect heat).  You could also cook them in the oven however, I think you miss an important flavor profile from the smoker or grill by using the oven.

Your cooking time will vary based on the heat source you are cooking with.  My smoker has been setting on 275° with a chunk of pecan to add a mild smoke flavor.  It will take about 1 ½ hours at this temperature to get the bacon where I like it, no need to turn them or even look at them (if you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’).

Although a glaze is not necessary, I like to put one on mine.  It makes your balls look juicy and gives them a shine that is hard to resist.  For this batch I am using Blues Hog Original ( Apply the glaze and leave on the heat for another 10-15 minutes.   I also like to use the Blues Hog Tennessee Red as a dipping sauce; it has more of a bite than the original which is a little more on the sweet side.  .

These are your balls, use your creativity and tweak the flavors in a way that best suits your taste, the combinations are unlimited.

Thanks to our friends from Fire Dancer BBQ!


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