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Today we start a new regular feature on Sporting Life Arkansas, from Rodger Tennant, Arkansas’ self-proclaimed iGadgetGeek. Here you will find brief reviews of products and apps we have selected as critical  to you, the sporting life Arkansas. The greatest thing about these reviews is the videos Rodger allows us to use, to help you get a true feel for the product and understand them completely. So, make sure you watch these videos, and we will also feature Rodger’s product photographs.

First up is the Telstar MP50 Projector. You can find this at your local AT&T store, if you get lucky and they haven’t sold out as soon as they hit the shelves, or here at their online store.

You’re going to want watch Rodger’s video to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this tiny little gadget that puts out a huge high-definition picture of your favorite movies, ballgames or any video. You can project from your iPhone, iPod or iPad onto any surface.

The lightweight design fits in the palm of your hand, but projects up to a 70″ 16:9 image 9 feet from the wall or a 50″ image at 6 feet from the wall. The 85 ANSI Lumen LED Pico Projectors is powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology with up to 1080p resolution and approximately 2 hours of viewing time on the 3800mAh battery. A dimly lit environment is best for optimal viewing results.

Telstar MP50 Projector


Next we have the iGrill, also available at your local AT&T store, or online here.

If you’re planning to smoke or bake a ham, turkey or duck this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with this.

The iGrill is the first grilling/cooking thermometer and app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The iGrill wirelessly connects to your device via a secure, long-range Bluetooth connection. The free iGrill app, available in the App Store, will alert you as soon as your food is ready.

Features of the iGrill:

  • Ability to run in the background with iOS 5 and later
  • Multi-probe capacity
  • Real time monitor of food temperatures
  • Time and temperature alarms
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing with pictures and message attachment
  • Global Facebook location sharing
  • Exportable cooking graph
  • Play your own music for timer and temp. alarms
  • Available in black and white

Here you will find grilling tips from the folks at iGrill.


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