Johnny Manziel Autographs Aren’t Worth Much on the Open Market


Johnny Manziel autographs Are Like Baseball Cards They’re Only Worth What an Idiot Is Willing to Spend

The word is Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is being investigated by the NCAA for selling his autograph.

What? Right before the start of the season? An SEC superstar quarterback is looking at a season under a cloud of suspension? Say it ain’t so. The league is starting to look like one full of Ohio States.



Check Manziel’s sweet ride in this ESPN video. Nice.

Johnny Manziel flashing cash at a casino earlier this year.

We have no idea if this latest story regarding Johnny Football/Johnny Drama is true or false or somewhere in between, but it did get us wondering: What are Johnny Manziel autographs worth these days?

Well, here’s what we found on the open-est of open markets for sports memorabilia – ebay.

For $799, you can own this one item without bidding. For those of us who realize that price is WAY TOO HIGH, you can bid on it (as of this writing) for a little more than $20.

Johnny Manziel autographs buy it now $799


This picture with Johnny Manziel’s autograph on it can be bought right now for $109. There are no bids on this Johnny Manziel item, as of this writing.

Johnny Manziel Autographs 1


If you want this Johnny Manziel autographed item, you better act now! It’s going for $66 with 13 bidders and only about two hours remaining to buy.

Johnny Manziel autographs 2


The most curious item we found searching for Johnny Manziel autographs was this official Major League Baseball baseball. It was $200, but has been marked down to the “buy it now” price of $150. What a deal.

Johnny Manziel autographs 4


The reality is, most of these items have big-ticket prices on them and no bidders. Johnny Manziel autographs, like most sports stars’ autographs, just aren’t worth much – on the open market.

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