LRCA Warriors Defeat Helena-West Helena in Prep Basketball Action


By Keith Rowan

The Helena-West Helena Central Cougars hosted the Little Rock Christian Academy Warriors in a 5a Central contest earlier this week, losing the game by a final score of 53-43.

The Central Cougars entered the game with an overall record of 9-6; 1-6 in conference. The Little Rock Christian Warriors have an overall record of 10-6; 3-3 in conference. The CHS Cougar’s playoff chances are getting thinner and thinner. While the Warriors are in a battle to hold the fourth and final spot.

Tuesday’s starting line-up for the Warriors included P.White, C.Hendrickson, A.Caroon, A.Rosenthol, and D.Liddle.

Helena-West Helena starters were J.Hampton, A.Murphy, T.Smith, J.Donald, and R.Beckwood. The game tipped off at 7:30 p.m.

Both teams seemed hesitant to score, causing the game to get off to a slow start. Two minutes into the game the score was dead locked at 0. On defense both teams played a discipline zone defense. The first quarter was rough for both teams’ offenses, resulting with a score of 6-3 in favor of Cougars.

As the second quarter began, the pace picked up but not much. Both teams struggling to score on offense made it low scoring. The halftime score was 19-15; in favor of the Warriors.

As the third quarter began it seemed as if both teams had a sense of urgency. The Warriors went on a short run in the third quarter, increasing their lead to 7, but the Cougars pushed forward, fighting back into the game and tying it up at 32 with 5 minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

Because of the large volume of fouling by both teams and the poor shooting by both teams, it was obvious that the game was going to be won on the free throw line.

With 1:26 left in the fourth quarter, the Warriors held a commanding 11-point lead, 48-37. With little hope left, the Cougars started to trap and went for the steal.

Soon the Warriors were in the 1 and 1. As the final seconds ticked off the clock the LRCA Warriors defeated the Helena-West Helena Cougars.

By Ja’Kaylah Spearman

The Helena-West Helena Central Lady Cougars took on Little Rock Christian Academy Lady Warriors in a game earlier this week, with a final score of LRCA 74, Helena-West Helena 44.

The starting lineup for the Lady Cougars included #12 Chelsea Holiday, #10 Kymberlee Collier, #14 LaCrisha Lee, #3 Tyra Hampton, and #2 Kevonshaye Stackhouse. The Lady Warriors line-up started #00 Annalee Rhodes, #13 Carlee Earls, #3 Brooklyn Burks, #35 Rachel Ruddel, and #55 Alexus Thomas.

With tip-off beginning at 6:00 p.m the Lady Cougars took the ball. After a try down the court, the first basket of the game was scored by the Warriors.

The first quarter ended with the score tied at 13.

The second quarter featured both teams working hard to get ahead of the other and ended with the score: Cougars 24, Warriors 33.

During the half the Helena-West Helena Central High School pep band played a variety of songs as the teams rested up for another half of basketball.

The Cougars came back after the half putting up an impressive fight. The Warriors also kicked into high gear as they challenged every play the Cougars brought out maintaining a steady 10-plus-point lead.

The third quarter ended with a score of Lady Cougars 35, Little Rock 56.

The Cougars had the ball to start the fourth quarter. Both teams played hard, and the Lady Cougars never quit. The team held very aggressive defense, but the Warriors offense was too much to take on.

With 3:10 on the clock, a basket by LRCA sent the mercy rule into effect.