Razorback Foundation Responds to Football Game Bill

Today, a letter from the Razorback Foundation was making the rounds on social media sites, informing recipients of the letter of the University of Arkansas’ longstanding policy against playing teams from other in-state schools in athletic events.

The Razorback Foundation letter is in response to a piece of legislation that has been introduced HB2274 that would mandate a football game be played between the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University, with some of the tickets sales of such a game uses for charity.

Text of the letter from from Sean Rochelle, the Razorback Foundation executive director, is below.

Dear Razorback Foundation member:

A bill (H.B. 2274) was recently introduced for consideration in the Arkansas House of Representatives that would require the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University to play a football game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. As an active supporter of our program, we want to take the opportunity to share this important information with you.

As you are most likely aware, the University of Arkansas has maintained a long-standing policy of not scheduling intercollegiate athletic competitions against other in-state institutions. This approach continues to serve in the best interests of the University of Arkansas and the Razorback program. It also provides Arkansans the opportunity to be united in their support for the Razorbacks while also supporting other intercollegiate athletic programs in the state.

A website has been set up to allow the citizens of Arkansas to voice their opinion on the pending legislation. We would encourage you to visit the website below to let your voice be heard.



Sean Rochelle
Executive Director
Razorback Foundation

Tell us what you think? Does the Razorback Foundation sending a letter to its membership legitimize the legislative effort? Should this issue be ignored until it becomes more serious than what looks more like a website poll publicity stunt than an actual effort at the governing the scheduling of football games?

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