Razorbacks Football Game Day Tweets


OK, it wasn’t a real ballgame, but for those who long for Razorbacks football games in the fall, last Saturday’s Red-White game in Fayetteville hopefully was enough of a hit to hold you over for the next three to four months.

In addition to a record-setting crowd and a fun, game-like atmosphere for a scrimmage, fans were treated to tweets from several coaches and players about the day. If these tweets are an example of what we can expect on Razorbacks football game days when the season starts, we’re in for something much more meaningful than “Smile!” press conferences.

In fact, we will take a “check the mirror” #assclown over coach-speak any day of the week, any time of the day.

[tweet https://twitter.com/BretBielema/status/325763890774413313] [tweet https://twitter.com/BretBielema/status/325762239883784193] [tweet https://twitter.com/BretBielema/status/325323466297454592] [tweet https://twitter.com/CoachPartridge/status/325636540074176512] [tweet https://twitter.com/CoachJoelT/status/325794813624582144] [tweet https://twitter.com/CoachJoelT/status/325795314357374976] [tweet https://twitter.com/jefflongUA/status/325816030209392641] [tweet https://twitter.com/PaperRoutePat/status/325811920483516416]

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