SLAChat for August 20, 2013

We host SLA Twitter Chat (#slachat) each Tuesday night at 8 pm.

Use the hashtag #slachat to follow along on Twitter.

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Topics for the live discussion Tuesday, August 20, 2013:

  1. As a fan, do you have a problem with your team’s coach and school using Twitter and other sources of social media to communicate news regarding the team? What are your thoughts on colleges relying on these newer media to connect with fans and to inform them?
  2. Now that we’re less than two weeks out from kick offs and practices are well underway, what are your thoughts and concerns about the upcoming season? Every team is undefeated today. Based on what you know now, what are your expectations? Big worries?
  3. What high school game is circled on your calendar for this season as a must see? Of all of the big college games scheduled for teams in state this year, if you could only see one match-up, which one would it be?
  4. Injury reports: Should college football teams be required to release injury information on a regular/weekly basis to the public? Do you expect beat writers who cover a team with closed practices to ask about injuries daily during briefings they have with coaches?

We hope you’ll join us in the fun.

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