The People’s Press Conference – Razorbacks Respond to Fans


Ray Buchanan Jr hitting the field razorbacks respond to fans

Ray Buchanan, Jr. hitting the field for practice.


One the many awesome things about social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like – is the ability for anyone to connect directly with players and coaches. During the offseason, some of these social media outlets became a way for fans to conduct a “press conference” of sorts.

We’ve collected a few of the questions asked and answers given by the Razorbacks to share with you. Here are how the Razorbacks respond to fans.


Jonathan Williams Razorbacks respond to fansArkansas Razorback Running Back Jonathan Williams:

Question: What’s your number one personal goal for this season?

Williams: Win games

Q: What are you looking forward to most this season Jonathan?

Williams: Winning games

Q: You know in ’06 Wake Forest was projected last in ACC and ended up going BCS bowling and winning the conference championship in a miracle season. You see any possibility of a similar script for us this year in the SEC? I know I have high hopes for sure #WPS

Williams: Yea for sure

Q: Favorite thing about new coaching staff?

Williams: The way they treat us

Q: I can see you going for 1200 yards this year and over ten touchdowns. What about you?

Williams: I see better

Q: What do you like most about the new facility? [Here is a post when the players got their first visit to the finished facility.]

Williams: The players lounge

Arkansas Razorback Cornerback Ray Buchanan, Jr.:

Question: Where are you most looking foward to playing on the road this season?

Buchanan, Jr.: Gainesville

Q: How has going through last season helped your outlook on this season?

Buchanan: Well I know what to expect and we definitely have matured as a team after everything that happened last season

Q: How much do you expect to play this season?

Buchanan: Depends how I do in camp but you’ll see me on the field

Q: How many picks will you have in your career at Arkansas?

Buchanan: From when I start I want to average 5 a season

Q: How many wins this year?

Buchanan: Hopefully in the double digits

Q: Who is the hardest person on the offense to tackle?

Buchanan: Keiro Small

Q: do you enjoy playing for the Razorbacks?

Buchanan: I love it! It’s a blessing

Q: Which SEC school will have the most INTs this year? Is the food better in AR or GA? Be honest.

Buchanan: UGA probably and haha Georgia

Q: So how you guys enjoying the New Football Center?

Buchanan: Love it! It’s amazing. One of the best facilities in the country

Q: The very best single attribute of the new football facilities is?

Buchanan: Everything is 10x bigger than it was before

Q: So is it true y’all are wearing black cleats and black socks now? If so does it look good with our uniforms now?

Buchanan: Yeah we are and we’ll find some way for it to look fresh

Q: What was it like growing up with a father in the NFL? Did you get to spend a lot of time running around the stadium?

Buchanan: It was a blessing for sure

Q: Your father was so great to fans – even after he made it big. Are you going to be the same?

Buchanan: Of course! I’ve got a lot to live up to

Q: How many games does your family get to attend?

Buchanan: Assuming you’re talking about Arkansas…. They can come to all of them. but it’s a long drive from Atlanta so they only come to a couple

Q: Favorite uniform combo?

Buchanan: All white

Barry Lunney, Jr. - Razorbacks respond to fans

Barry Lunney, Jr.

Former Razorbacks quarterback and current tight ends coach for the Razorbacks, Barry Lunney, Jr., has fielded a few questions from fans, ranging from his days as high school quarterback through his work players today.

Question: Who was best team you faced in high school?

Lunney, Jr.: The 1990 Pine Bluff Zebras without question. Got beat by them twice that year. (Editor’s note: Basil Shabazz was a member of the that Zebra’s team. Here are highlights from him that season)

Q: First day of practice. Who is more nervous, coaches or players?

Lunney, Jr.: I think it’s a tie. Anxious instead of nervous though. Less than 2 hrs away!!

Q: Smallmouth or largemouth?

Lunney, Jr.: Smallmouth. Especially on Beaver and Table Rock.

Q: How awesome is it to have played and now coach for the Razorbacks? WPS

Lunney, Jr: Pretty cool deal for sure. Feel very blessed that I’ve had the chance to play and now coach here.

Q: Did JJ [Meadors] really catch that ball? Haha

Lunney, Jr: Sure he did!!

(Editor’s Note: The catch in question comes at the 7:40 mark of the video below. We agree, Meadors caught that pass.)

Defensive Line Coach Charlie Partridge - Razorbacks respond to fans

Charlie Partridge

Arkansas Razorbacks Defensive Line Coach Charlie Partridge repsond to fans:

Question: Coach, I keep hearing how good Louisiana Lafayette is going to be this year and how tough that game will be. I’m sure you guys have looked at them, what did you think? What do they do best?

Partridge: Very good football team. I respect them.

Q: During the season do you guys have at least one night a week that you get to have dinner with your families?

Partridge: We have dinner with them Thursday night during the season.

Q: It’s been a pretty mild summer here so far. Would you rather it be hotter or does it really matter?

Partridge: Does not really matter.

Q: Are we gonna see a better defense compared to the Petrino years?

Partridge: No predictions. Focused on good practices today. #1-0

Q: Is this a SEC-caliber defensive line?

Partridge: Yes

Q: Have you worked on your hog call yet!?

Partridge: Finally got the timing down!!! wooooooooooooo Pig Sooie

Q: Which DL reported to camp looking like they really put in great work over the summer?

Partridge: All of them.

Q: Coach, do you get approached in public by Hog fans for pics/autographs? If so, does it ever annoy you? haha

Partridge: I have been approached a couple times. Doesn’t bother me at all, fans have been great.

Q: What’s the night for you like the day before it all begins?

Partridge: Sleepless. Lot of anxiety and excitement.

Q: What has you the most excited about this year’s DL?

Partridge: Athleticism and work ethic.

Q: Will you be on the field or in press box ? Which one do u prefer?‎

Partridge: I’ll be on the field. I like it down there but see advantages to being up also.

Q: Do you prefer your guys to be fired up and ready to explode at kickoff or more have more of a “we’re here to take care of business” attitude?

Partridge: Football is an emotional game. It is also a game where you must think. Each individual must recognize where he should be to perform. My job to help him with that.

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