Welcome to the sporting life, Arkansas

If you were as sad as we were to see Jim Harris and his regular sports reports and commentary disappear from a reliable spot on the internet three weeks ago, welcome.

If you understand that sports in Arkansas is even more than tackles and blocks and dunks and homers and includes tee-ball, volleyball, swim meets, deer woods and eating some great food with good people, welcome.

We are happy to launch a new online publication that features Jim Harris and a cast of other sports journalists and opinion-makers from around the state.

We want to bring to you writers who will report and write about all levels of Arkansas sports, from the Razorbacks and Red Wolves, to the Bears and Reddies and Scots, to the Bobcats and Dragons.

We are going to work to be an outlet for sportswriters and aspiring sportswriters from high school through college. Part of the excitement of this for us is building a platform and outlet for the next generation of journalists and writers in our state.

Additionally, you are going to find regular pieces from enthusiasts on running, scuba, hunting, fishing, and being a “sports mom” in Arkansas, including a regular column from Kyran Pittman, author of Planting Dandelions.

More than this, please know we encourage you to share your stories and photos of your sporting life with us, so we can share them with others. If you’ve got a deer story, a fishing tale or news to share about your child’s baseball team, we want to know about it.

Oh, and tailgating pictures. That’s part of the sporting life we want to share, too. The sporting life in Arkansas is fun. This site should reflect that fun.

Our expectation is that, over time, we will create and deliver, a statewide, all-media destination for folks like you, whose lifestyles include sports fun, recreational pursuits, and sporting the best.

If you’re sporting it, we want to know about it. What are you sporting? Tell us.

Our attempt is to cover and provide news and information on all aspects of sport and the sporting lifestyle of Arkansans, for you to read and share at no cost.

We are all proud to work with Jim to ensure he has a place to share his stories and unique perspective on Arkansas sports with the long list of fans who he’s delivered for throughout the years and the new readers we expect to drive to him.

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you come back often, to read, to share and to enjoy yourself.