Fandemonium – What Happened to the Razorbacks?

Picture Clearing for Razorback Fans

But Question Remains: What Happened to the Razorbacks?

What just happened to the razorbacks Bielema leads team on field

By James Moseley

Last year at this time, fans of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks were collectively on suicide watch. After a loss to a Sun Belt Conference team in ULM, the Hogs began a tailspin that would inevitably leave fans with a smile…err, question.

What happened to the Razorbacks?

People believed bringing in a coach familiar with the roster and program was a GOOD thing. Cohesiveness was the word of the day. Unrelated, alcohol sales hit record highs last year between September and November.

There was a scramble among the fans – Who will be the new head Hog? How long until we win?

All great questions. The first of which, NO ONE saw coming. Except @Sharptusk. He nailed it. But no one bought it. After all, whywhat just happened to the Razorbacks would Bret Bielema leave Wisconsin ?

Upon his arrival, Bielema made an impact at Arkansas – whether with words or actions. Some viewed it as arrogance, some as ignorance. But Bielema has made it clear, no coach speak here. And that seems to be a refreshing change. No guessing, no misunderstanding. Straight. Talk.

Over the span of December to August, questions were aplenty. Closed practices seemed to build a level of anxiety in the already uneasy fan base. Topics of talk radio ranged from injuries, transfers, playing stAte, something about a stadium in Little Rock… I’m not sure.

Two games in and some things are taking shape. Positions are being solidified. An offense has taken shape. After a high flying Petrino offense, a running game is a welcome sight. With TWO top-ten rushers ?

What just happened ?

Alex Collins and Johnathan Williams have started the season with a burst of flashes almost similar to that of Felix Jones and Darren McFadden.

While the Hogs have played nobody yet, they have won. Last season, that was a different story. The Hogs have yet to prove anything aside from they can beat teams they are supposed to – even if winning requires a comeback.

While there are still questions, the picture that is the 2013 season is starting to take shape.  With Brandon Allen being a field commander or the backup quarterback AJ Derby taking snaps, Travis Swanson leading the O-line, two dynamic backs that fit perfectly in this system and a defense that is yet to be determined, I believe at least one team on the Hogs’ schedule, expected to win, will leave the field asking themselves: What just happened?

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