Who’s in Charge of the Red Wolves Website?


The more important question is how in the world did whoever is in charge let an advertisement for the Arkansas Razorbacks football team appear on the homepage of the Red Wolves website?

We know it wasn’t a paid placement directly from the University of Arkansas athletic department to Terry Mohajir and his athletics website team. The ad likely was placed through Google AdWords or something similar. However, we at the desk have NEVER heard of the inability of a website to block ads from its site. We block ads here of businesses we have grudges against. And our grudges are legitimate! But we’ve no time to get into that now. Let’s return to the horror of a website unable to block ads from its website.

For example, it would be big news if Harding or Ouachita or John Brown University had athletic websites that didn’t block ads for products, beer for example, and services, such as call girls, from their websites. Have you ever seen a shop Walmart.com ad on Amazon.com or vice versa?

In this case, it’s funny – not malicious or rude. But in a time of spending bucks with firms like NueLion, which is the company that claims to have “empowered” the Red Wolves’ website, one would think it smart to ensure a brand under construction would not allow other established brands access to a momentarily captive audience.

With that said, Hanes Ultimate Bras are currently 50% off the regular price of $34. We saw it on AStateRedWolves.com.

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