Will Johnny Manziel Be The Cowboys Quarterback?


Jerry Jones Likes Johnny Manziel

Will Johnny Manziel Be the Cowboys Quarterback?

As we were monitoring the airwaves this afternoon, we tuned in to Overtime on 103.7 The Buzz hosted by Trey Schaap, Matt Jones and Joe Franklin to listen to their take on the games from Saturday.

To our delight the Buzz morning show co-host Tommy Smith called in to add his thoughts on the sports topics of the day, including reporting on his Sunday afternoon football excursion to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs take on the Dallas Cowboys. Smith was a guest in the owner’s box at Arrowhead Stadium, sitting with Jerry Jones and others for the Cowboys’ 16-17.

Smith relayed the following story that caught our attention: “I heard Jerry Jones say … ‘If you told me I could get Johnny Manziel for the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys next year, I’d say tell me where to sign and how much it will cost me.'”

This report from Smith certainly raises the question – Will Johnny Manziel be the Cowboys Quarterback?

Jerry Jones has been asked about Manziel before, and he has not been shy with his praise of the Texas A&M quarterback.

Earlier this year, John Machota, who writes for the Dallas Morning News Cowboys blog, wrote about the possibility of the Cowboys drafting Manziel, despite the recent signing of current Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo to a six-year $108 million contract.

“Although we’ve just signed Romo, there’s a time when you start at quarterback, preparing for the future,” Jones explained. “We can’t talk about, I’m forbidden, from league rules of talking at all about an undrafted player, a player that still has eligibility. That has as much to do with your competitive aspect of other teams not liking that. In other words, what are you doing? Are you trying to recruit? Are you getting ahead of things?

“I can’t talk about him but, gosh, do I enjoy watching him and I am enjoying our Heisman Trophy winner.”

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