INFOGRAPHIC – 2013 Razorback Recruiting Class


We saw an article on one of the national sports websites the other day (we can’t remember which one or we would link to it. OK, it was on all of them. Probably.) that breathlessly proclaimed “Notre Dame Recruiting Goes Nationwide!” or some such statement of the obvious.

Because anytime Notre Dame blows their nose it is national news, worthy of breathless reporting.


Anyway, it got us to wondering just how far and wide the Razorback staff went in recruiting during the two short months they had to work with.

We recalled that there were recruits from Hawaii and Florida, we were pretty sure we remembered a QB from New Jersey or some such Yankee place or another.

That’s nationwide, amirite?

Our excitement at an ambidextrous punter from Australia (KANGAROOS!) remains unabated, which I’m pretty sure makes the Razorbacks international.

So we called up the 2013 Razorback recruiting class and started plotting it out on a map, just to satisfy our own curiosity. This is what we came up with:

A breathless infographic of the 2013 Razorback Recruiting Class.

2013 Razorback Recruiting Class

Because that is too small to make any sense of, here is a BIG ONE.

(It is suitably sized for a desktop background/wallpaper if you are so inclined.)

In the process of making this infographic, we used Google Maps to figure out where places like College of the Siskiyous, Egg Harbor, New Jersey and Arvada, Colorado are exactly.

Which lead to this: An interactive Google Map. If you click on the pins, the popup boxes contain links to player bios and film highlights.

Programming note: The map is embedded on this page, but it really works best in its own window. Click the link below the map for a new page with the map loaded up.
Also note that because some of the recruits come from junior colleges, they have two places on the map – one for their high school and one for the junior college they attended.

Take a look at the Arkansas Recruiting Interactive Map in its very own window!

As always, in the coming days, we will do one for the Red Wolves recruiting class too.


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  • Hawgfan100

    I remember that ND article. Had something to do with how many miles their coaches traveled to do their recruiting. Think it was on rivals.

  • Hawgfan100

    Ask and ye shall receive:–infographic–notre-dame-recruiting-s-road-show-230938129.html

    And it was about road miles in recruiting. Ok. Now I’m intrigued. Let’s see how Arkansas’ class stacks up in road miles to mighty Notre Dame.

    Ark: miles-21,467

    ND: miles-21,297

    Looks like we stack up rather well. The ND article states: “No college football program travels as much as Hawaii to recruit players. But this year [2012-13], no school went to such great lengths to accumulate top talent like the Fighting Irish.”

    Now Yahoo does specify ‘top talent’ and only compares ND’s class to the other top five classes. However, it is worth noting we traveled farther after giving away three spots to ND (ND had one more recruit overall; we got three from our backyard while the irish got one).


    • patrick

      Outstanding! Thank you HawgFan100!

    • AWESOME stuff HogFan100 and thank you for this contribution.

      • Hawgfan100

        My pleasure, Gents.

  • David Edwards

    Pat Houston builds strong info graphs 12 ways

  • mark

    Bottom line from all this to me – Hogs have to, and I mean HAVE to recruit better close to home. No way they keep getting outlier recruits like this on a consistent basis. That map to me is ugly as it is not a recipe for long term success. Nothing from TN, MS, MO, LA, OK, only 3 from TX, etc. As I feared, A&M is clearly going to be a juggernaut in recruiting now that they are in the SEC.

    • patrick

      I’m working on a post about what Texas A&M joining the SEC means to to recruiting the state of Texas. And it’s not good news for anyone except Texas A&M.

      At any rate, only six of the 2013 recruits are from outside the South. 2 of the 4 Florida recruits are very highly rated, so I count that as time well spent. The ambidextrous Australian punter is pretty amazing.

      Considering the time he had to work with and the state of the class when he came in, Bielema did a pretty good job pulling in a better-than-expected class.

      I’ll be excited to see what he can do with a full year to work with.

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