Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed is a sports journalist with more than 30 years of experience. An “old Joe” he is a  graduate of Arkansas State University and is the editor of and is also a producer and occasional co-host of the Sports Night, heard on AM920 and the Arkansas Radio Network Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m. He is also a contributor to 870 Magazine.

Jeff Reed was a victim of the newspaper war, having worked at the Arkansas Gazette until it closed in 1991. He has also logged time at the Arkansas Democrat, Benton Courier, Log Cabin Democrat and Jonesboro Sun. The formative years were spent on the mean streets of Crossett, Ark., where he played football for the Eagles and tied the national record for fewest touchdowns scored in a game, season and career — one! He graduated from ASU with a degree in journalism and a minor in geography (so he would never have to stop and ask directions, but that was before the day of GPS!)

A connoisseur of tasty french fries and blackened catfish, Jeff is an avid hiker who loves climbing Pinnacle Mountain and spending time along the woody and hilly trails of central Arkansas. He has been fortunate to be married to Kim Jenkins Reed for 27+ years and they have two children and three dogs.

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