Jay BirJay Bir has worked at KARK/KLRT 4/16 since 2006. He began as a photographer and has now added reporter to his title, albeit unofficially.

Jay was was born in Stillwater, OK, and then took his talents to South Beach in 1992 and then moved to North Little Rock in 1998. He attended Sylvan Hills High School and went from there to Arkansas State University. Jay graduated from ASU’s vaunted radio/tv program in 2006 and after a short stint with AT&T (a guy needs a job out of college right?) found his only tv home with KARK.

It was during his time in South Florida that Jay developed a passion for sports, especially the professional teams down there – hey it’s not often you’re around for the founding of two professional sports teams, the Marlins and Panthers. It was the Stanley Cup and World Series runs of 1996 and 1997 that really cemented Jay’s fervor for not only his teams but sports in general. It was that same passion that he brought to ASU, and he has had the privelege of covering both of ASU’s recent bowl games and three recent head coaching changes.

Jay is an ACTIVE tweeter and encourages exchange both on there and his facebook page. He enjoys the debate of sports (just check into a #slachat if you want to see that first hand) and watching sports and reporting sports – pretty much anything to do with sports.

Jay currently lives in Sherwood with his wife, Kat, and family.