Little Rock Rugby Team Set for New Season

Photos courtesy Matt McClenahan

LITTLE ROCK – This season the Little Rock Stormers look to make another run for the USA South Division II, but have a new matrix including teams from New Orleans, La.; Baton Rouge, La.; Jackson, Miss.; and Memphis, Tenn.

The Stormers face two tough road games to start the season: New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The focus of the season for many of the players is to get a strong start and maintain momentum.

There is much anticipation surrounding Super Bowl weekend for the members of Little Rock’s local rugby team, the Stormers.

The first game of their matrix season starts on one of the most celebrated days of American sports. Not only does the season start in this timely manner, it also starts geographically relevant. The first game for the Little Rock Stormers is also in New Orleans: the host city of this year’s championship of a sport that has evolved out of rugby.

Little Rock won the right to play in the USA South Division II final four last year by winning their matrix season. They lost to Charleston, SC in the first round of the South Division playoffs but was able to beat every team in Tennessee.

“At night I dream about this team, and I have never dreamed about any other team.” said Coach D.T. after a frigid and exhausting practice.

New Orleans B side won the national division III championship last year against Philly-Whitemarsh in Glendale, CO. Their road to the championship was through Little Rock, AR in the USA South Division final four.

In Little Rock they won against Athens, GA and Gainsville, FL to advance to play in Cheswick, PA for a spot in the national final four.

To get a spot in the national title game, New Orleans defeated Virgina and Cleveland to advance to Glendale, CO. Since the New Orleans B team won the national division III championship, they are now in division II.

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