Long Road Ahead for Little Rock Bowl Game Approval


Our friend Mark Ferguson with AStateNation.com has a great interview with a member of the Football Bowl Association detailing the road to approval for a Little Rock bowl game in 2014.

Former Sun Belt Conference Commissioner Wright Waters now serves as Executive Director of the Football Bowl Association and he took time to provide some clarity about the road ahead.

“I am sure that the existing bowls would share with them [the proposed games] that it is a long journey from conversation to kick-off.”

Waters said the bowl line-up for 2014 won’t be known until March of 2014 when the NCAA announces the games that have been certified.

While the money offered to conferences certainly impacts how a game is viewed by the conferences being courted by a bowl, Waters said money is not the only factor. Weather at the site, the hospitality of the community, the organization’s volunteers, the quality of the stadium, the game’s time slot, the potential opponent, and the opportunities for fans to have fun during the visit help distinguish games from one another, especially when the potential revenue of two games is fairly similar.

Fans have grown accustomed to the rigid selection order of games but Waters said he thinks the process will begin having more flexibility.

You can read the full interview and more on the selection criteria used in selecting bowl sites by clicking this link.

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  • Biggie

    I’ll go ahead and call BS on …and the opportunity for fans to have fun during the visit…

    Who the hell could have fun in El Paso or Boise or many of the crappy cities who host a bowl?

    • Barry

      Right on Biggie, Little Rock beats Boise and El Paso all of the time!! Let’s get behind this thing. Red Wolf in Fl panhandle

  • Lisa

    I am an SEC fan, and a Hog fan in particular, but Little Rock, IMHO, would be a great city for a bowl game. As the 2 prior posters commented, LR beats the others mentioned hands down. Plus, if ASU were ever given a chance to play there in a bowl representing the Sun Belt, if it was where I could go, I most certainly would. I really hope this endeavor comes to fruition.

    • Barry

      Right on Lisa!! Little rock could really do something big if they had any ambition which I reall y don’t think they have. Sorry, but ‘Wally the Nerd’ may be right. Red wolf fan in the Fl panhandle.