Meet Korliss Marshall – Osceola Running Back

The word is Arkansas has officially offered in-state talent, Korliss Marshall of Osceola, Ark. Marshall is a running back, but listed by many recruiting services as an athlete, meaning, he is versatile enough to play several positions.

He is 6’0, 185 pounds and runs a 4.3 in the 40.

UPDATE 2/03/13

Reports are that Korliss Marshall has accepted the offer to play for the Razorbacks.

Below is a lengthy highlight reel. We think you will enjoy watching this kid play.

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  • Herlihy

    A 4:30 40? People run a mile faster than that. Not impressed.

    Isn’t he committed to UCA? Can’t wait to hear the griping about Bielema having to go steal recruits from an FCS team.

    • Really, think about that comment. The 4.3 40 they’re referring about is in Seconds not Minutes, They offered him based on potential, just like a lot of players are. STARS mean nothing. There are players that aren’t in high profile areas to even get noticed by recruiting services. I have all the faith in this staff, they see things most if not all fans can’t and never will. You’re not impressed; I’m not impressed with fans who say the most idiotic things. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR COMMENT on things you clearly know nothing about.

      Thank You,


  • Jeff E

    His catching and jumping ability is pretty good.

  • Jon

    I bet Hogs sign 4 RB’s in this class.

    Mr. Marshall here may just be a DB… I think Julian Horton ought to go over to DB as well.

    2-cents & my opinion won’t get you a Starbucks.

  • Return Guy, Receiver, RB, deep safety, where evah you need speed. If you got it flaunt it. I like this guy, he has the little hesitation then lets it fly. I can see why the staff offered him a scholarship. It is nice to get a 4 & 5 star recruit but the better story is about those who many say are not that good and are then proven wrong. If he can stay healthy and otherwise stay inbounds at school, then he will contribute and maybe in a big way.

  • A second thought; I noticed he has good hands as many of the tosses from his QB came in head high. Over 1700 yards and 24 TDs, fumble ratio? He knows how to use his blockers. One shot shows him laying a lick on a runner when he was playing defense. Bielema has to love that. The more I think about it the more I see him as a wideout, speed can beat defenders and he has it. Be nice if he comes and does good, stays and gets his degree.