Pat Bradley Leaves Buzz for New Radio Home

Some radio listeners this morning who tuned into 103.7 The Buzz at 10 a.m. expecting to hear the familiar voices of Justin Acri and Pat Bradley were in for quite the surprise. Bradley, the former Razorback basketball player, was no longer part of the broadcasting team.

The duo has hosted the radio program, The Zone, on the FM station for the past several years.

Questions from listeners were answered with a standard reply from Acri, who is also the station’s program director: “surprised” Bradley was no longer working at the station; and Bradley “decided to pursue other opportunities.”

Acri wished his former co-host well.

It was announced later in the day that Bradley is  joining a new sports radio station in Little Rock, 93.3 FM.

UPDATED 4/26/2013

Bradley will officially return the the central Arkansas airwaves on May 6 as the morning man with a co-host, insurance man and former Razorbacks quarterback Clint Stoerner.

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  • Biggie

    Don’t worry Justin. You’ll be fine. Pat was the Tonto to your Lone Ranger. The Robin to your Batman. The Oates to your Hall. The Naomi to your Wynonna. The whoever the other guy was in Wham to your George Michael. Keep on rocking my morning Buzz!!

  • Hogwalla

    Pat was the straw that stirred The Zone drink. He will be missed.

  • Name

    I wonder why all the talent like Bo, Pat, Crawford, Roger left the Bnzz. I would say they left to get away, or were pushed out from the control freak/program director Justin Acry. Program director “LOL” more like cry baby/control freak justin Acry is taking 103.7 the bnzz down in flames. At this rate they won’t even be on the air in 12 months. Way to be Justin Acry keep up the solid performance it’s noble work your doing titty baby. O and btw The None was already the worst show on the station when pat was there.

    • KB from Bryant

      Hey “Name”… You sir, are an idiot. You think Justin Acri (yes it’s Acri, not Acry) ran all of these people off?? If you were offered your own radio program or to be a director at Verizon Arena you wouldn’t leave?? I will guarantee they were offered more money too. Just furthering their careers, that’s all. And guess what jerky? Roger has already came back! This station is by far the best in central Arkansas and Acri is one of the funniest around. Maybe you should quit listening if you don’t like The Buzz..