Razorback 2013 Schedule Wallpaper and New Prediction Poll

Get this Razorback 2013 Schedule wallpaper for your desktop background image.

Razorback 2013 Schedule Wallpaper


Click here to download a full size (2400 x 1800) wallpaper/background image for your computer.

It has the opposing team logos, with game dates and locations.

What do you predict the final regular season record will be for the Razorbacks? Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Gary

    The date for the first game of the season is totally wrong.

    • patrick

      My apologies. It is corrected. If you download it again, the date is right.

    • patrick

      Also, we fired our proofreader.

  • hahahaha @ firing the proofreader.

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  • Chaserback

    ha! I’m such a homer… No matter what the current state of the program or other teams we face, I always look at the schedule and think “There’s actually a good chance we could win that game… and that one… and that one… and… and… and…” lol Looking forward to a BETTER season. That’s all. GHG!

  • TimD

    I voted 7-5. We have a mediocre Big 10 coach who only went to the Rose Bowl last year because two other teams were ineligible. Long firing Petrino set our program back big time. We fire an elite coach and replace him with another Broyles/Nutt run run run guy.

    I don’t know if Petrino just wanted out of his contract because we wouldn’t anti up for talent or if Long really was stupid enough to fire the best coach in college football for doing what Almost every successful coach in the country has a gf !!!!!

    Final note if you want to hear the truth about the state of Razorback football you will NOT get it on Hagville Lanny and his group of croony retards won’t allow anything but sunshine pumpers to post an opinion.

    • Drew F.

      *Insert facepalm.gif here*