Razorbacks React to Former Coaches’ Comments


Last night, news hit from Sporting News, an online publication, that a handful of former football coaches had some pretty interesting things to say about the team and players they coached, just a couple of months ago.

We thought Doc Harper, one of our featured writers and editor of Arkansas Expats, had a fine piece on the hubbub. If you haven’t read his full account, you should click through below and enjoy it for yourself. But for starters, Doc wrote:

I’m too upset about this to organize a truly coherent essay, so I thought I’d just take the quotes from the coaches in The Sporting News story and say what I think in response each of them. And, yes, I am fully aware that all the coaches involved likely said many more things that didn’t make the Sporting News article and they were possibly less inflammatory. But they all know exactly what they said here. This is exactly what they avoided saying throughout 2012.

As this story began to take on a life of its own, we thought it would be worth your time to read how some of last year’s Razorbacks reacted to what they read their former coaches say.

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