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We host #slachat each Tuesday night at 8 pm.

If you are not a Twitter user, you can follow the discussion right here! Transcript of last week’s #slachat is here.

Use #slachat to follow. Topics include:

  1. Basketball conference races are heating up. It looks like the Sun Belt Conference race for the West title will be settled by games between Arkansas State and UALR. What are other critical match-ups for these teams heading into the home stretch of conference play?
  2. Speaking of conference races, what is the path for the Razorbacks to have a chance at post season play in either the NCAA or NIT? Are there many paths left? Who will this team beat on the road this year?
  3. Senior Bowl. What are you hoping to see from Tyler Wilson and Cobi Hamilton? Who are some players who should have been on the rosters but aren’t?
  4. Recruiting: Some names are starting to announce commitments to schools in the state. Who has your team picked up already that you believe is a big get, a difference maker? Are you pleased with what you’re seeing in the way of recruiting for your team so far?


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  • Tx-Travler

    What I saw wasn’t a chat, it was a twit. Put up some topics and encourage e-mail comments so coherent thoughts come through. I’m way out of the loop as I’m sure others are. You can still have the twitter input but e-mail encourages more lengthly and enlightening comments.

  • TX-Travler, I apologize for the delayed response to your post. We know Twitter has its limitations and isn’t for everyone. With that said, we would love to see sidebar discussions and more lengthy discussions on the topics that we post up on this page for the conversation on Twitter each Tuesday night.

    We’ve not considered an email thread for these discussion, but as an interim step, and to involve more input from more sources, perhaps using the comments feature will work here. It’s also possible we announce a new service for the #slachat that works in some message board style archiving and interaction beyond the on hour each Tuesday on Twitter.

    Your feedback and thoughts are always appreciated and again, sorry for taking so long to reply to you here.

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