Sporting Life Arkansas Pick’em Challenge – College Football Week 2

College Football Week 2

The Sporting Life Arkansas Pick’em Challenge

We asked seven of the Sporting Life Arkansas regular contributors and the Sports Desk to give us their predictions on select games throughout the 2013 football season. This week’s five games to pick – Samford at ArkansasA-State at Auburn; UCA at ColoradoSouth Caroline at Georgia; Western Kentucky at Tennessee.

Our weekly contributors are Jim Harris (@jimharris360), J. Frank Parnell (he stays off the grid and Twitter); Jeff Reed (@asuJeffReed); Jay Bir (@theJayBir); Jessica Duff (@jduff84); Justin Acri (@justinacri7); Doc Harper (@doc_harper) and finally, the Sporting Life Arkansas Sports Desk (@sportinglifeark)

We will keep up with the records of each picker from week to week and ask you to play along with us. Here last week’s picksYou see the games we’ve chosen for College Football Week 2. Please enter your winners and scores in the comments section below. Oh, and feel free to hassle us over our picks. That’s part of the fun, too. Right?

Jim Harris  J. Frank Parnell  Jeff Reed  The Sports Desk
Ark. 63-3 Ark. 56-13 Ark. 48-17 Ark. 44-7
Auburn 33-20 Auburn 31-24 AState 31-30 Auburn 25-21
Colo. 32-28 Colo. 38-27 Colo. 35-33 Colo. 38-30
Georgia 28-25 Georgia 27-24 Georgia 33-32 SC 38-17
Tenn 42-21 Tenn 42-31 Tenn 44-31 Tenn 42-41(2OT)
5-0 4-1 4-1 4-1
Jay Bir  Jessica Duff  Justin Acri  Doc Harper
Ark. 73-13 Ark. 49-10 Ark. 56-7 Ark. 48-10
AState 31-28 Auburn 24-21 Auburn 38-21 Auburn 31-28
Colo. 42-24 Colo. 34-24 UCA 31-30 Colo. 42-17
Georgia 42-36 Georgia 27-24 Georgia 27-24 Georgia 31-27
Tenn 37-32 Tenn 34-24 Tenn 31-21 Tenn 34-31
4-1 4-1 5-0 4-1

Now it’s your turn. Tell us who you have in these games and your final score prediction. Bragging rights are on the line, people.

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