The Golden Boot Makes List

Friends of the sports desk are the best. They keep us on our toes and pass along fun tidbits for us, in turn, to pass along to you.

Here’s an example: The Weirdest Trophies in College Football.

Highlighting trophies from the Orange Bowl trophy, which is a crystal bowl full of Oranges, to Floyd of Rosedale – a pig trophy named for a former Minnesota governor that gets bounced to the winner of the Minnesota-Iowa football game each year – is tucked the Golden Boot.

The writer’s opinion of the Golden Boot is:

The Golden Boot (Desirability: 6/10) Celebrating not only the rivalry between LSU and Arkansas, but also the neat way their states fit together. Take that, Italy!

Whatever the writer’s thoughts, the Golden Boot is the prized hardware collected by the winner of the Arkansas Razorbacks-LSU Tigers matchup each year in the fall.

As LSU describes it:

The Golden Boot is a trophy awarded each year to the winner of the Battle for the Golden Boot football matchup between LSU and its SEC rival Arkansas.

The trophy was introduced to the series prior to the 1996 season and since that time, the Tigers have won 11 of the 17 meetings between the teams.

Molded from 24-karat gold in the shape of the states of Arkansas and Louisiana, the trophy stands four feet in height, weighs nearly 200 pounds and is valued at $10,000. It is believed to be the heaviest trophy awarded in a college football rivalry.

After a win in the series, the victorious team keeps the trophy until the next year’s. As of 2009, the Golden Boot is in the possession of LSU.

Here are the results of the Battle for the Golden Boot throughout the years.

Date Winner Score Location
11/23/12  #8 LSU def. Arkansas 20-13 Fayetteville
11/25/11 #1 LSU def. #3 Arkansas 41-17 Baton Rouge
11/27/10 #12 Arkansas def. #6 LSU 31-23 Little Rock
11/28/09 #17 LSU def. Arkansas 33-30 (OT) Baton Rouge
11/28/08 Arkansas def. LSU 31-30 Little Rock
11/23/07 Arkansas def. #1 LSU 50-48 (OT) Baton Rouge
11/24/06 #9 LSU def. #5 Arkansas 31-26 Little Rock
11/24/05 #3 LSU def. Arkansas 19-17 Baton Rouge
11/26/04 #14 LSU def. Arkansas 43-14 Little Rock
11/28/03 #3 LSU def. Arkansas 55-24 Baton Rouge
11/29/02 Arkansas def. #17 LSU 21-20 Little Rock
11/23/01 LSU def. #24 Arkansas 41-38 Baton Rouge
11/24/00 Arkansas def. #24 LSU 14-3 Little Rock
11/26/99 LSU def. #17 Arkansas 35-10 Baton Rouge
11/27/98 #13 Arkansas def. LSU 41-14 Little Rock
11/28/97 #17 LSU def. Arkansas 31-21 Baton Rouge
11/29/96 #19 LSU def. Arkansas 17-7 Little Rock

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