A self-proclaimed geek, Rodger Tennant (a.k.a. iGadgetGeek) is passionate about tech gadgets. In fact, Tennant wears the label “geek” as a badge of honor.

When he’s not deep in the world of network administration and web design, Tennant blogs about mobile devices, accessories and all things gadget-related for his followers at iGadgetGeek.com.

Through his website and YouTube channel, Tennant explains mobile tech and accessories in a fun, simple way. Staying true to his subject-matter, all of iGadgetGeek’s videos are captured using mobile devices. Launched in 2010, iGadgetGeek.com has become a reliable, national resource for individuals looking for pre-purchase information about phones, tablets, cases, audio and other accessories.

Tennant lives in Cabot with his wife and two young children. He’s an avid fan of his son’s championship youth football team and never misses a chance to take his daughter to gymnastics. Twitter: @Rodger_rt5060

Website: http://www.igadgetgeek.com/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/rt5060

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