Wade McCune is a ’92 University of Arkansas grad, who has poured his heart and soul, not to mention significant resources and a fair amount of distilled spirits, into following sports—particularly of the Razorback variety.

This forty-plus year perspective on the triumph, and more often tragedy of Razorback athletics, necessitated a cathartic outlet—thus Pork Shank Redemption was born. This column, previously housed at www.porkshankredemption.com, gives voice to the soul crushing existence of Razorback fandom.

When not yelling at the television on Saturdays, Wade runs an ad agency creative department and raises two adorable kids, who he hopes will pursue more fulfilling avocations.

Wade’s experience as a father, which generates significantly more joyous moments than the athletic department at his alma mater, can be followed at www.inflatabledad.com.

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