Joe Johnson Is Very Big in China: A Love Story


[Johnson’s new mega contract stirs controversy among the members of Yonsan’s Joe Johnson Fan Club]

some fans in JJFC discussed about it, whether the Hawks should offer Joe this huge contract or not.
I aslo visit Joe’s Facebook (seems like not his real Facebook), AJC news, NBA HAWKS BLOG…
there were lots of message by fans, both support and objection… and aslo neutralism.
In my opinion…

If he leaves: He must be got more boos from fans or Media… even said he was betrayer…
If he stayes: He aolso gets boos from some fans…
With the Huge contract, some fans will say he is not worth it, once the Hawks entered
playoffs, he always dissappear… He just stay because of the $119 million…

But, in practically, They have no choice but to re-sign Joe… really cannot imagine Joe leaves ATL…

I donn’t know what was Joe thinking about…
He said he would like to stay in ATL, even With the Reduced-salays…
They promised Joe the team would become better…

…how can Hawks to offer another player they want to get?
I feel a little disappointment on Joe, why don’t he do something?
Maybe he did, or the manager is a rich guy, he can afford them…

But how can they improve their depth…

For Joe… It is time to prove himself, to be a real Leader…

these are my opinion…
I am a easily moved man, with a calm heart.. although I am 24 years old, I still like a boy…
wanna be young forever…


[Yonsan wants to send Johnson a JJFC T-shirt he can wear, but must first figure out the appropriate size]

From: 4eVr Joe~
Date: Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 3:01 PM
Subject: Sorry, Something Wrong.
To: Evin Demirel >

There is 23cm height betwteen  Joe an I , I just 178cm only… he is 201cm





Sorry this is really a hard question for me.
aslo  for a tailor.
Because we do not know about Joe’s body.
He can not imagine the size..
Can I use Joe’s  game worn Jersey for compareation?

There is 23cm height betwteen  Joe an I I, I just 175cm only… he is 201cm
I make the wrong Size: in China  an XXL is for 5-7 (190cm) people in China…
Really hard…
Can there have a Website to tell me about American People’s Size of Clothers.


Hi, Evin..
I just finished the design of the T-shirt..



Hello Gentleman,

… The special gift I prepare for Joe Johnson was underway… So hard, So tired, So meaningful.

… everyday I was hard working in my office. Drawings,technologic problems, papers…
When I came back to home, I would go on with the designing of special gift.

Most of Chinese Factory or shop can not make it. They never,ever seen this size… it’s too big.
In China, the MAX size would be XXXXL.. seldom people wears XXXL or XXXXL.
I think Joe’s must be XXXXXL or bigger.
I spent 1 week on conecting with the manufacturers which I search online.




it is hard to say how busy my work was, you know electron engineer is not easy…
You mentioned that IF I still work on Joe Johnson Fan Club, The answer is YES.
How can I give up it?
We still updated info about Joe Johnson, Like: Hawks media day, Pre-Season games, and the following Regular games.
And the Digital Magazine, Joe Johnson Fan Club Digital Magazine VoL.1 will update soon.
It records Joe time from 2001 to 2010, I want all the Joe Johnson fans would get some memory from the
magazine, especially Chinese fans. we cannot have more info from interenet about Joe.
This magzine does not use in commercial events, activities, just for fans who love Johnson.
And the video 2008-2009 playoffs johnson mix was editing..
at last… You know Joe’s special gift… no body could help me to do this, T-shirt is the most difficult thing.


YES, electric engineer

Sorry, I will try to improve my English.

The T-shirt, I got the Adress of Joe with Altanta Hawks , I think I could ship it to him.
But I just worry about one thing, would he like to accpet it? and Could he receive it?
I can not give him an advanced message …
So, I can only pray to the God…


[I ask Yonsan if one day it would be OK if I write about our correspondence. He assents, but doesn’t consider himself a worthy subject.  He later agrees.]

Thank you for your kindness article about me, but I think it was not worth to write me.

I just a simple person, with little income, 24 years old young people…..
I do not care about other’s thinking, someone said I was a fool,
they would like to say: “why does yonsan spent lots of time on an IMPOSSIBLE THING, TO BE A IDOLATER?”
NO, I am not a idolater. I just do the things with my interest, to release my whole day’s office work.
but the only thing I do just want more Chinese NBA Fans to get known about Joe Johnson.

I just want to be a friend of him, to communicate with him by E-MAIL, MESSAGE, TWITTER……
To be a real fan.
Sometime I always think about one thing, Joe Johnson is a billionaire. Me, a chinese poor guy…
How can a billionaire accept me to be a friend, a poor Chinese people…
Maybe, it would be a dream in me… forever…


[Yonsan finally sends his gift package to the Atlanta Hawks.  The shipping log presents a mystery.]


I had shipped the items to Joe on Oct.24th by DHL.
it cost me to much, I never thought that Air mail was so expensive.

something puzzled me.. Please just see this words below…

17 Delivered – Signed for by : A RHODES ATLANTA, GA – USA 12:30
16 With delivery courier ATLANTA, GA – USA 07:58
15 Arrived at Delivery Facility in ATLANTA – USA ATLANTA, GA – USA 07:53


So, who is A RHODES?? Did he has the right to receive the item?
or this is his full time Job? would he sent the item to Joe???
or A RHODES is a name of some place?


Hi, Evin.

Several days passed, I have not got any reply from Joe.

I just worry…
If he can receive it or not, or he doesn’t like it?…

I just feel disappointment …
I do not want to anything from him. just show him the passion from a fan, a real fan of him…
So, should I go on with my work on JJFC?
No matter how Joe like it, I just hope he can open the Disc… to look at the magazine, the videos…
Maybe he would like to reply…
But, Where is my special gift parcel… would it throw into the garbage can?


I tried to contact the Hawks offcial stuff. but no answering from him,but just known about the person is a security people.
I feel biggest lost… and I want to give up…….
I really want to make a simple chat with Joe by Mails or Twitters,

it is impossible that an ordinary people can never communicate
with such basketball player…


[The JJFC goes on hiatus for a few months, as Yonsan works more at his day job during its most busy season.]

OK, man~

My target of the year is:

1. to let more people to know about Joe Johnson.
2. to get another Game Worn Jersey of Joe Johnson in season 2010-11.
3. to edit another Video about Joe Johnson in the NBA games.
4. to finish my work on Electrical products.

I have a Chinese friend who study in University of South Carolina,
I  think it is easy for him to help me to buy a game worn jersey…

Be care for yourself, and I think you will be ok in your work. so, come on!

Yours ,


Hi, Evin

Today I wanna ask you a question about Jeans, I am very interesting in Jeans.
especially the Americans’, they are different with ours.
they are fashion, look very well in models.
I used to leave message to Dwight Howard, he told me one of his Jeans is True religion, it is very cool.
Can you tell me what brand of this Jean that Joe Johnson wears.
Thank you very much, he wore it and attended the 1st Annual Cartoon Network Hall of game awards~



… Joe Johnson got his twitter, he often said some nice words …
a little pity, Joe only reply one tweet to me, just show his grateful~~~

Ok, I gotta go back to my office.
see ya~


[Yonsan later sends me the sole Tweet he has received from Johnson]

“@YonsanUranus thanks!! for the support.. i gon have to plan a trip to Japan”


[In May  2011, Atlanta loses in the NBA Playoff semifinals 4-2 to Chicago. In July, an NBA lockout begins as players and owners negotiate division of revenue and structure of the salary tax and luxury tax. It lasts until December, causing early-season game cancellations. The JJFC had no Hawks action to discuss, and Yonsan and I don’t e-mail each other for a few months. Meanwhile, a few NBA players – including Aaron Brooks, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin – sign with Chinese teams to stay sharp. ]

Hi, Evin.

For a long time that I haven’t written to you, I was busy these times…
It is a good news that NBA will come soon, I think lots of fans would be exciting.
Some players like Aaron brooks must be crazy…
because, as he came to China just one day, the news came out “LOCKOUT IS OVER!!!”

I wish one day I could get another autographed jersey by joe himself..
Unfortunately, I just got one tweet from him since I added him by saying some fancy words…
like: “To let more Chinese fans to know about Joe Johnson is my task…”
after that, even I showed the second jersey to him, he got nothing to reply…
maybe he was too busy…
I just convinced myself, he would reply one day…


Let’s go! Joe Johnson Season 2012 Video MIX! From Joe Johnson Chinese fan Club!


[The Hawks won their first game of the 2012 playoffs against the Celtics but dropped the following three games. On May 10, Atlanta lost Game 6 83-80 and was eliminated.]

disappointment~· Hawks lost the important game…


[In July 2012, Johnson was traded to Brooklyn Nets. The franchise’s location, along with the Russian billionaire and globe-trotting hip hop artist who own it, give the former New Jersey-based team a distinctly cosmopolitan flair. ]

thanks very much, Evin.
I’m happy to hear lots of people who talk bout joe johnson in China now.

the next season, I would like to buy the NETS. but what number is his? still NO.2 or NO.7????
I always think NO.2 is the best Number for him.

I think I must the NO.1 in CHINA who have THE MOST photo of him…
Feel proud and happniess.
wish my dream will come true, wish Joe would have good memory in Brooklyn…
wish he could give me another reply…


U see this Tee.. I asked my friend in US to ship me one~ looks cool right????



i got the confidence on joe… no.doubt, he and Williams would have some good reaction…

he could get more fans, more sounds of “we love Joe Johnson or Joe Cool…” this can make him more confidence as well. so, give him the time, he needs to ajust, needs to prove…

when asking about the first time to read joe johnson’s news, it was in 2006… yes WC2006. u might not know that internet had not populizer in China, and that time i was just in military academy, it was not easy for us to get some news… the real meaningful time was i got the magazine Dime Chinese version in 2009.
the cover of the book is Johnson, and article inside… I love it very much…


[In July, Yonsan flies to England to watch an airshow featuring planes from all around the world. It’s his first time out of China, on a $2,000 flight for which he’d spent years saving. During the trip, he befriends an Englishman who tells him his chosen surname might include a phonetic faux pas.]


As you know I put URANUS in my last name.
yes, my english name is YONSAN URANUS.
one of them told me I should change the last name. he asked me to look up the meaning of URANUS… i know it is a star in the space.
it doesn’t mean anything. it just a designation.

in China, Uranus means: the great, the respectful… All the description are good..
So,can you tell me whats wrong with URANUS in your world? thank you.



You got check this:

Videos about Joe Johnson, Clipped by Yonsan.
coz of the difference culture and custom between US and China.
Hip-hop music is not as popular as pop music.
that’s why I do not like to use a Hip-Hop.
then, you will see the video in 2011, some fans in US would laugh at me…
that’s obvious, I am Chinese…

By the way, finally… I found the reason… URANUS has another meaning “your butt”, so the man told
me to make a change… I really didn’t know this meaning… a little conplicated…
So, I think Johnson might suit for me,
it is a good name, and also show my great respect to Joe Johnson…


I have twice told Joe Johnson about Yonsan and the Chinese Joe Johnson Fan Club. On both occasions he said it was pretty cool, and an honor. He said having a fan club half the world away was something he could have never imagined as a child.

In 2010, he told me he traveled once to China, after the 2006 FIBA World Championship, and visited three or four cities including Hong Kong.

“I had a great time over there,” he said. “It was like nothing that you’ve ever seen before. It was nuts. They really embraced us as basketball players and as Americans. It was a great feeling.”

There is great excitement among the member of the JJFC and Joe Johnson Chinese Baidu Tiebar over Johnson’s inaugural season in Brooklyn.


We certainly wish people around in the world join in to talk about joe johnson.
And I just do the same thing: to let more Chinese to know about Joe Johnson though my videos.
When talking about the NBA games, I could only watch some in sunday.
through internet. we didn’t have direct broadcast about BROOKLYN NETS on TV..
I think Chinese media would like to focus on Jeremy Lin, Kobe bryant, MIAMI HEAT, THUNDER too many.
NETS fans in China felt really angry with Coach Johnson.
they thought the coach could not help the team to win, they didn’t have good tactics…
they felt disappointment with Deron williams, he got lots of turnovers.
and whats wrong with LOPEZ’s rebounds? especially in the game with Minnesota Timberwolves.
fans were satisfied with Joe Johnson’s playing.
someone think Joe should do something more but not the 2nd roles.

[He expounds on this in a follow-up email]

… Joe should take more balls when playing. No doubt the team has Deron Williams and Brook Lopez first. but I think Joe is an important one as well. Joe has the ability to help their guys to win. So “the 2nd role” could be noted as “the good assistant of DW and BL”.

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