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The more he tweets the more we like him. We’ve updated this post as of Jan. 21, 2012, with Bielema’s latest tweets on recruiting, his continued support for the Seattle Seahawks’ starting rooking QB and former Wisconsin Badger Russell Wilson. Specifically, he asks Arkansas fans to vote for Wilson for an award.

He also discusses new coaches, gives some solid “woo pig sooies” and clarifies the pronunciation of his name for an inquiring fan. You will also note a tweet from Jen Bielema, that only makes it into our list because it was retweeted Sunday night by the coach himself. She stands up for her husband’s play calling to a Wisconsin State Journal sports columnist, in friendly and “stay classy” fashion.

And of course, you’ll find new push back on old Wisconsin fans. He tells one hater to “stay classy,” and our favorite new tweet back to a detractor who has some choice words for the coach, “Hope your children don’t follow you on Twitter.”

The sports desk here at Sporting Life Arkansas has been following Bret Bielema on Twitter since it was first rumored he was going to be “the guy” University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long was going to name back in December.

Like all Razorback fans, we are eager to learn more about the new head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

What we’ve learned about Bielema, through watching him on Twitter (@bretbielema) is that he is not afraid to mix it up with fans of his former Wisconsin Badgers; he isn’t shy about defending himself; he’s generally positive; he’s quite funny. We also like some of the posts he resends, or, what is known in Twitter-speak as “retweeting.” He doesn’t always make a comment with those posts, but that he resent them to his almost 45,000 followers on Twitter can be telling, too.

And he signs off many of his posts with “1-0.” He explains that means, “Take everything one at time, one play, one practice, one game.”

He posts pictures; he gives hints of where he’s recruiting; who he is or has hired. It’s all fun stuff.

One of our favorites from Beilema is to a Wisconsin fan, in which he suggest the fan, a father of four, should “think before” he tweets “stupid things.”

Below are selected tweets from Bielema and some of his retweets we thought you would enjoy reading, and that we think give an interesting look at who he his, as a person and coach. We start with his oldest posts, from his first day on the job in Arkansas, and work toward his newest posts.

Meet Bret Bielema:

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