Granny Get Your Gun!

Speargun, that is…

Arkansas is one of a few inland states to allow spearfishing of game fish and that adds an extra dimension of sport for SCUBA divers in the state. Although length and slot limits apply, plus half the hook-and-line daily limit for the water being fished, spearfishing is a sport that takes skill and patience. Contrary to popular belief, fish seldom swim up to divers wielding a spear.

As more and more women and families become SCUBA certified, they are branching out and enjoying all sorts of specialty diving, including night diving, underwater photography, and even spearfishing.

Susan Downing (pictured) may be mammy to her grandchildren, but she is known for her pursuit of big fish. Susan, who became a diver in 2009 and worked her way up to become a PADI Assistant Instructor in just two years, can often be found during the season toting her favorite speargun and a stringer of fish.

It’s been true historically that the male population of SCUBA divers was the most ardent spearfishermen, but recently there is a new breed of diver, and they love to spearfish. Hello ladies!