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The last calendar year has been the greatest in Arkansas dunk history. I will buy you and your grandmother three square meals each from Whole Hog Cafe if you can prove to me otherwise.

Super SidIn the annals of Natural State dunkdom, the most iconic image for decades has been that of Sidney Moncrief rising for a two-handed tomahawk to flush the ball, along with any nationwide misconceptions that the late-1970s Razorbacks were a fluke.

That image has Sid suspended in air, crystallized in technical perfection. It is something like elegance. But if Moncrief’s most breathtaking dunks were akin to the finest classical music, then in Arkansas’ most recent aerial ambassadors we find Pearl Jam or U2 at their roaring, primal best.

This particular Golden Era started last January, when 160-pound Savalace Townsend of the University of Pine Bluff detonated on a Grambling State defender:

The good times kept rolling in the dunk contests of two of the top basketball leagues in the world. Former Razorback Sonny Weems won the slam dunk contest of Lithuania’s top domestic league and Crossett native Jeremy Evans won the NBA’s contest. (see below).

None of these throwdowns, though, approaches what Victor Dukes, a sophomore out of Nettleton High School, did on Monday when he apparently summoned the shaggy-haired spirit of Tom Chambers and pulled off what may end up being the dunk of the year – anywhere, any level.

Watch Victor Dukes MONSTER dunk in all its savage beauty:

Another angle:

Sure, Victor “Dukes of Hazard” might have unintentionally used his opponent as a launching pad to pull of something that doesn’t otherwise seem physically possible. But that doesn’t make his dunk any less amazing or Nettleton’s 41-37 win over Manila any less legit.

Between Dukes (who is so good MaxPreps considers him as his team’s lone player), North Little Rock’s KeVaughn Allen, and Jonesboro’s Kahron Ross, Arkansas has a few great, young guards for Mike Anderson to seriously consider adding to a lineage Moncrief highlighted so long ago.

Bonus Time:

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