Five In-State Recruits, Four Razorback Commits


As we near National Singing Day for college football players (Feb. 6, 2013), a high holiday for many college football fans, we thought we would offer a round up of video of who the old ArkansasSports360 web site, former home to our featured writer Jim Harris, named last year as the five top in-state recruits for the 2013 signing class.

Until signing day next month, when names go on dotted lines, these commits are not binding.

Those five players are:

  • Hunter Henry, tight end, Pulaski Academy, Arkansas Razorbacks commit
  • Alex Brignoni, safety, Fayetteville High School, Arkansas Razorbacks commit
  • Austin Allen, quarterback, Fayetteville High School, Arkansas Razorbacks commit
  • Brooks Ellis, linebacker, Fayetteville High School, Arkansas Razorbacks commit
  • Altee Tenpenny, North Little Rock High School, Alabama Crimson Tide commit

Hunter Henry

Position: Tight End
Ranking: #2 in the nation*
6’5; 235 lbs; 4.8 sec 40

Alex Brignoni

Position: Safety
6’2; 195 lbs; 4.47 sec 40; 245  bench; 370 squat

Austin Allen

Position: Quarterback
Ranking: #26 QB in the nation*
6’2; 215 lbs; 4.77 sec 40

Brooks Ellis

Position: Linebacker
Ranking: #42 in the nation*
6’3; 215 lbs; 4.56 sec 40; 300 bench; 375 squat

Altee Tenpenny

Position: Running Back
Ranking: #6 in the nation*
5’11; 212 lbs; 4.46 sec 40; 335 bench; 505 squat

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