What is Shoulder Instability?

Shoulder instability occurs when the structures surrounding the ball-and-socket shoulder joint become too loose to secure the stability of the joint. If the joint becomes too loose it may slide partially out of place. This condition is called shoulder subluxation.

Shoulder Instability

If the joint becomes completely separated due to damage to the tendons, it is called shoulder dislocation. After a dislocation the tendons of the shoulder will not heal together tightly and will be prone to dislocation in the future.

Patients who suffer from shoulder instability often experience pain with activities and a sensation that their shoulder may become dislocated.

Depending on the severity, this condition can be treated with rehabilitation and physical therapy. Strength training exercises may be able to help restore some of the stability in the shoulder. If all else fails, arthroscopic shoulder surgery may be the answer to get you back to the daily activities you enjoy.


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