Who will be the next Razorback Football coach?

Razorback Stadium

We have watched with keen interest all the rumors surrounding the Razorback Football coaching search, and one thing we can say with certainty, Athletic Director Jeff Long is very good at keeping secrets.

Two questions:

1. Who do you think it will be?

2. Who do you want it to be?

The comments are open. Weigh in.

  • Patrick

    I think it will be Boise State Coach Chris Petersen.

    I want it to be Louisville Coach Charlie Strong.

  • john_haman

    Peterson would be awesome! I want to believe that could be true. I also agree that Strong is the best fit but he doesn’t seem to want it. I think we we will hire….. Gary Patterson.

  • patrick

    Gary Patterson is a very real possibility as well.

  • steve_smith

    I think Long will stay in the SEC west. Kirby Smart.

    • Jon

      Patterson and Strong are my personal top 2 in the realm of what I think are “legitimate” choices for us.

      I would be amazed if we lured Peterson away from BSU… sing me up for that.

      Butch Jones or Tuberville would be my fallback choices

    • Oh, I can’t support this. He’s who we Dawgs want when Richt retires.

  • Jim

    Franklin, Briles, Gundy,Sarkesian, Butch Jones, Patterson, Pelini would all be good coaches for Arkansas…If we have to go the mid major route….why not Malzaun?

    • Name

      Think your right on

    • Lawrence Ladd

      They need to bring Bobby Patrino back