A History of Arkansas No. 1 Rankings Before History Itself Ends

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Just as life was getting good for Razorback fans, some nettlesome ancient Mesoamericans had to go and ruin everything. According to a minority interpretation of the Mayan calendar, the world ends today.

Whether we all are to be wiped away by earth, wind, water, fire or Bieber isn’t yet known, but what is known is that the best preseason ranking in Arkansas baseball history has to be squandered because of some stupid hieroglyphics. Which means no watching Dominic Ficociello expertly field balls from first base, or watching Colby Suggs and Ryne Stanek form one of the most devastating pitching duos in SEC history.

Worst of all, come June, there won’t be any celebrating Arkansas’ long-awaited first national championship in baseball. The Hogs, after all, finished 3rd last season, and looked a lot closer to that #1 spot than did the football team when it ranked #3 a year ago.

Oh well.

Since we have only a few hours left, we might as well make merry. And in these parts, that means reminiscing on some of the greatest team achievements in state history. And so, in honor of baseball’s top dog status, here’s a rundown of other Razorback #1-ranked teams from the past.

A History of Arkansas No. 1 Rankings Before History Itself Ends:

Justin Bieber Brings About The Maya-Pocalypse

Justin Bieber Brings About The Maya-Pocalypse


YEAR DATE Season Results
1964 January 11-0, National Champions
1965 October 23 10-1, SWC Champions


Men’s Basketball

YEAR DATE Season Results
1978 February 16-18 32-4, SWC Champions
1993-1994 Dec. 18-Jan. 11
Feb. 16-Mar. 18
Early April
31-3, National Champions
1994 Nov. 25-30 32-7, National Runner-Up


*The above rankings derive from various polls, such as the Associated Press, United Press International and Football Writers Association of America


No. 1 (by Golfstat) heading into spring 2012; finished season at No. 12.

Women’s Cross Country

On Sept. 27, 1993, the Razorback women’s cross country team made history again as the first Arkansas women’s team to achieve the No. 1 national ranking. The 1993 team went on to reach a consensus No. 1 ranking later in the season and held the top position in every week of the poll. The team finished the season as the national runner up to Villanova. It was the third consecutive season Arkansas finished No. 2 behind Villanova.

Men’s Cross Country

I couldn’t find in-season rankings, but as a team Arkansas has won 11 NCAA Championships.

Men’s Indoor Track and Field

19 titles in the NCAA Championships

Men’s Outdoor Track and Field

10 titles in NCAA Championships

*I break down the year-by-year results for track and cross country here. It’s worth noting that through the ’80s and ’90s the Hogs won 12 straight indoor titles. 

The UA’s golden age of track may be over, but the lamest thing about the Apocalypse going down today is that a golden age in the biggest team sports – football, basketball and baseball – seemed to just be over the horizon.

On second thought, maybe it still is.

The Mayans, it turns out, have another, not-so-dreary theory about what happens today. Many experts interpret their calendar as meaning December 21, 2012 is the end of a 5,200-year era for the Maya and the start of another.

This heartens me, but I’ll still wait before ordering season tickets.

Evin plans to Tweet this epoch out from a subterranean bunker filled with the finest Armageddon wines.

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