Arkansas High School Football Playoff Brackets Set


Seems like only yesterday the first games of the high school football season were getting underway throughout Arkansas, and here we are – November and playoff preparations, travel arrangements and pep rallies are being coordinated in towns large and small.

These Arkansas high school football playoff brackets represent something much more than games under the lights, with parents’ cold rear ends absorbing the worst metal bleachers have to offer. No, these games represent Pride – Town Pride. These teams have a shot to become champs and see their achieving year of statewide football glory on banners and even on “Welcome to Anytown Arkansas – State Champs 2014” signs as we enter Anytown, Ark.

Here are the current, week one, Arkansas High School Football Playoff Brackets. The games are set. We will update these each week.

7A Bracket

7A Arkansas High School Playoff Brackets

6A Bracket

5A Bracket


4A Bracket


3A Brackets


2A Brackets


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