Bow Hunting For Elk


Today, we have a guest post with a dramatic video of his bow hunting success.
Thank you for sharing this with us Robert!

We were bow hunting for elk outside Evergreen, Colorado on the edge of the National Forest. We heard a bull bugle in the distance, so we quickly moved in that direction.

Trent, my hunting buddy, gave a couple of cow calls, and the Bull responded. We kept moving quickly and quietly in the bulls direction. The Bulls calls got louder and louder, when suddenly, we could see him out in a pasture.

We were well hidden in the shadows of the woodlands edge on this bright, sunny day, so he could not see us. The bull had 5 cows on the far side of the pasture. When he wasn’t rolling in the mud and throwing grass in the air to show his dominance, he was fixated on them.

We took two steps toward him making sure we were still in the shadows out of his sight. He knew something was there, but could not quite figure out what we were. He took a step, bugled again, gave us a dominant and aggressive look, and turned his head.

I drew my bow. He was 55 yards out, and my heart was exploding out of my chest with excitement. I was shaking at the wonder of the aggressive behavior he was demonstrating.

He started to walk, so I gave a whistle to get his attention and to stop him while I took aim. I released the arrow. It sailed a bit, but hit the bull and dropped him where he stood.

It was not my best shot for sure, but the outcome was awesome. We walked up and celebrated the experience we had just had. A hunt we both would never forget.