Doc Harper: Sorting Through eBay’s Vintage Razorbacks Collection

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Treasure! That’s what vintage Razorbacks gear is. Treasure!

Even if you’re not actually in school, the brink of a new football season inspires lots of people to buy new gear to wear to the stadium, tailgate, office, wedding, funeral or whatever other function requires team spirit.

The schools themselves take full advantage of this, often rolling out new editions of coaches’ polos, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and everything else.  As a result, it’s hard to find something truly unique to set yourself apart at a football game.

I’ve found a good way to find fun, unique gear is to do some shopping via a search for vintage Razorbacks stuff on eBay. It’s also great if you’re looking for collectibles to fill a “Razorback Room” within your house. It’s like a big garage sale that’s filled with classic, original Hog clothes and novelty items that you can’t find anywhere else. I did this once last summer and thought it was a lot of fun, so here’s what you can find on eBay right now.

Vintage Razorbacks Hat

In case you’ve forgotten who you’re cheering for, this hat has “Arkansas” printed in all caps twice, at least three actual Razorbacks, and the word “Razorbacks” front and center. It’s not subtle.

Vintage Razorbacks gear spuds shirt

Everyone loves a party hog!  Not sure why this Hog has a black eye. Or why he’s drinking “Hog Light” from a margarita goblet. But woooo, confetti!  I also like the two little pigs at the bottom sitting among the text. The one on the right has a stylish hat and the one on the left looks flirty.

Vintage Razorabcks gear bear hug

This shirt is not likely to strike fear into the hearts of opponent unless they’re susceptible to the no-huddle AWWWWW! attack.

Vintage Razorbacks gear dallas jacket

Starter jackets never go out of style.  Even if you’re not a fan from Dallas, you can get away with wearing this. It’s shiny. It has an old Razorback logo. Even vintage font!  And if you do live in or are from Dallas, you’ve hit jackpot.

Vintage Razorbacks gear in hogs we trust

I like this one because it has a rhyme. It invokes patriotism what with the “In Hogs We Trust” line as well as the American flag. And it’s specifically for every sport. In addition to football, basketball and baseball cartoons, there’s track, golf, tennis, swimming and volleyball. I assume this shirt was made before the gymnastics program began.  But I’m sure you could wear it to a GymBacks meet as well.

vintage razorbacks gear thermos

For the fan who really does have everything else. If you’ve ever thought, “I really need a new thermometer. And I want it in a piece of decorative copper. And I want that copper piece to be designed like it’s depicting the Oklahoma land rush, but I want it to have a Razorback logo so no one confuses me for a Sooners fan,” (and who among us hasn’t?), this is for you.

vintage razorbacks gear video

Apparently, Arkansas once was known well enough for it’s linebackers that a video was made to educate people about it. Fred Goldsmith was the Razorbacks’ defensive coordinator from 1984-88 and was successful enough that this Coaches Video Network tape was made. It can be yours for just $9.79.  I’m sure there are plenty of jokes here about this being the full effort of linebacker coaching in Fayetteville in recent years, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Vintage Razorbacks gear basketball shirt

I love this shirt. I really do.  It’s so beautifully early 90s, which did happen to be the peak of Arkansas basketball.  I love the stars, I love the way the “Arkansas Razorbacks” is designed to look like it’s shooting forward.  Well done! Wait, second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have shared this with all of you.

vintage razorbacks gear 1990s starter pullover

Yes. The early 90’s pullover Starter jacket.  It’s even got the classic Hog jumping through the A logo on the front and back so it pre-dates when UA devolved into the popcorn hog.  Good stuff.

vintage razorbacks gear sweater front vintage razorbacks gear sweater back

This same sweater was included in my list last year. I’m stunned to see that it’s still available. If nothing else, this would be a hit at an ugly Christmas sweater party.

vintage razorbacks gear court hog tee

Arkansas was so good at basketball in the early 90s that there are all sorts of jewels like this available.

vintage razorbacks gear 1994 nat champ tee

Speaking of which, this national championship shirt is available, and ’94 shirts are much harder to come by. For some reason, people don’t get rid of these as easily as so many others.

vintage razorbacks bugs and porky

I have questions about this one. Bugs and Porky are wearing the same uniform but look like they’re playing against each other. Of course, it’s entirely possible this was one of Bugs’ clever schemes just to thwart Porky. And is this the only Razorback shirt where the pig is actually losing? I don’t know what to think. And I love Bugs Bunny. When you live your life with the name “Doc” you’re subjected to endless “what’s up, Doc?” jokes.

vintage razorbacks bowl pins

Bowl pins are always fun. I’m pretty sure these are from the ’79, ’80, and ’81 seasons, when the Razorbacks went to the Sugar, Hall of Fame, and Gator Bowls in consecutive years. Fortunately the games’ scores aren’t printed on the buttons (Arkansas went 1-2 in those three games). But since there’s no losing scores, these would be some fun accessories.

There are also all sorts of hats, glassware, pennants, prints, lighters, ash trays and other things. It’s worth checking out if this is the sort of thing you’re interested in. These treasures need homes!

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