ESPN’s Mike & Mike Interview New Hog Coach Bret Bielema

Mike & Mike in the Morning interview Razorback Coach Bret Bielema

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg interview new Hog coach, Bret Bielema on ESPN Radio Dec. 7, 2012

This morning Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, hosts of the ESPN Radio program, Mike & Mike in the Morning, interviewed Bret Bielema, the new head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

The segment opened with yesterday’s audio clip of Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin athletic director, saying he was shocked that Bielema was leaving Wisconsin, which led to the first question, regarding the new Razorbacks coach’s belief that the Arkansas job is a better job than Wisconsin.

Bielema didn’t agree, that one school was better than the other, per se, however he did acknowledge he was ready to try something new in his career, after nine years at Wisconsin, 2 as a coordinator and seven as head coach.

Calling the Southeastern Conference “the big stage” for college football, Bielema said, “I want to (coach college football) at the level everyone is talking about, and see where I am.”

He also discussed the resources he has been committed by the University of Arkansas to hire a coaching staff.

“One of the main reasons I came here is, I’ve never had the resources I’ve been given here at Arkansas (for a coaching staff),” Bielema said, adding that he has lost so many coaches over the years at Wisconsin and “couldn’t go through that again.”

“And the fan base is insanity here” he said. “It’s greater than I ever could have imagined.”

“This was not a money move for me,” Bielema said, describing the difference in his salary a “minimal raise.”

“It was for my coaches,” he said, “and to coach in the SEC. Arkansas has never won an SEC title. I want to do that here.”

In terms of what he has experienced in his first few days on the job at Arkansas, Bielema said, “We’re building a new facility here that is off the charts and opens lots of doors.”

He ended the interview saying he wants “to take this program to place and this state to a place where it has never been.”

And his final words were “Go Hogs!”

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