Hogville Highlights: War Memorial Stadium, Toledo, Bielema Takes Shot at Buckeyes


A new feature for us here at Sporting Life Arkansas is courtesy of our friends at Hogville. Each week, we’ll poke around the forums and give you the pulse of what some of the most hardcore Razorbacks fans are saying and thinking about the hot Hog topics and tidbits of the week.

This week, the topics that jumped out at us were

Let’s get started, shall we, with the Great Stadium Debate that isn’t.

User hobhog gets the ball rolling with this as the topic: “Fans go to support the Hogs, not the stadium.” The hobhog adds “A rare great quote from Wally.”

That’s all it took…

WarPig88 says, “You have to be a big time fan to support the Hogs in that dump in LR though.”

GolfnHog weighs in with a bit of reason when he writes, “And not trying to start another GSD [Great Stadium Debate] but with the cost of attendance to ANY game what’s lost, at times by many, is the game day experience, the amenities and what you actually get for the cost of admission to a given venue.

Conversely as much as is lacking at WMS the same could be said for AT&T stadium in Dallas but from the opposite end of the spectrum. I just don’t feel what you have to pay for either venue is worth the cost so I don’t attend games at either place during the course of the regular season.

It’s called discretionary income for a reason. I choose to attend all Fayetteville games and one away game each year and the time and costs are factors when I’m deciding. Add to the formula is that I currently live nearly 7 hours from Fayetteville due to work obligations.

Granted, I want to attend a game where I’ve yet to attend so that is a mitigating factor. If the Hogs end up back in the Cotton Bowl then I’ll attend in Dallas but I can use the money there instead of the SW Classic game.”

HogSanity picks up the cost issue and carries the ball, saying, “That is the thing, right there. While people cite the stadium as why they do not go to games in LR, 99% of them just do not want to spend the ticket money plus whatever else they would have to spend to go. Same is true as to why DWRRS was not sold out last week. Not enough people wanted to take the time and money to go to fill it up. It could be the greatest stadium in the universe, but people still have to want to invest time and money to go.

I rarely go to games because I do not want to invest my TIME. I can pick up tickets just about anytime to any game for face or less, but it is the 6+ hours time investment that I do not want to make.

There’s plenty more on this issue here and feel free to weigh in yourself.

* * *

Dr. Pepper makes a few interesting points and asks many questions in the topic he started “Dan Enos vs. Toledo.”

Dr. Pepper writes, “Obviously the hogs were passing much more frequently than they have the past 2 years vs UTEP.  Now most will argue that this was due to defensive looks, but I think it could also be out of necessity due to Arkansas’ running game not being as strong as in year’s past.  Do you see the pass first attack demonstrated last Saturday becoming a trend (Enos was slightly pass happy at CMU)?  Furthermore, Enos is 0-5 in his career vs Toledo.  Do you see their familiarity with the offense (and past success against it) giving a significant chance to win / keep it very interesting?

Ol’ Dr. Pepper is getting popped over his evaluation of the Razorback offense. Here is one of the responses, this from ChitownHog, “Toledo is playing Arkansas this Saturday not [Central Michigan University. Coach Dan Enos will get his revenge.”

You want a good chuckle and or pile on Dr. Pepper, go here. Have fun.

* * *

The third topic that got our attentionis a thread started based on this story, where Bret Bielema is quoted by Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee, saying, “Ohio State hasohio state buckeyes one game remaining with a ranked opponent. We have eight remaining against teams that are ranked.”

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff tweeted this: “Bielema said if ‘If anyone tries to argue that, it’s nonsense.’ Hinted that SEC teams would blow Ohio State’s SOS out of the water.”

Hogville members’ clearly back Bielema’s sentiments regarding the Ohio State University Buckeyes.

The Chief wrote this: “By virtue of their weak conference and weak schedule, they will be a near guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.  They are good, no doubt.  But if they face no competition all year long, it’s a disservice to other teams who must play comparable talent.”

You can get in on this Ohio State University Buckeyes beatdown here. But before you do, you may want to read what an Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker had to say about Bielema.

Until next week, have fun at Hogville and look for your wisdom cited at Sporting Life Arkansas.

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