Jim Harris with The Buzz: Razorback Quarterback Concerns


Each Tuesday Jim Harris appears on 103.7 The Buzz FM at 11 a.m. during the The Zone with Justin Acri and Pat Bradley. This week the crew discusses, the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist past and present, a few Razorback quarterback concerns after the spring football game and some Hog baseball.

Specifically on Sterling, Jim points out the racism for the NBA team owner is nothing new, as Bomani Jones wrote for ESPN’s Page 2 column in 2006.

Jones wrote at that time:

In Sterling’s case, we’re confronted with racism in its most problematic form. And up until now, we’ve said very little. Many of us lent thousands of words to lambaste the Vikings’ stripper party last season, but we’ve been silent on this?

That doesn’t mean we should campaign for Sterling to lose his team. But we should wonder what David Stern thinks of there being an owner in his league who seems to have some disturbing views about most of his players. We should ask Sterling what he thinks of his players.

More than just talking about racism and debating whether it exists in a few situations, we should attack it directly, especially when it’s so destructive and glaring.

It was fun to laugh at Donald Sterling when he was a joke. Now that we know what he’s up to when he’s being serious, he deserves a lot more attention.

On the Arkansas Razorbacks, Jim shares his concerns based on what he saw during the spring game and says many of the questions he had before the game in his column, here, remain.

The full discussion is in the video below.

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