Little Rock Kickball Begins – How Smelly Are Your Balls?

Tracy Whitaker - The Queen Of KickballLuck has it that my team kicks off the Spring Season of Little Rock kickball on Sunday with a double header.

It’s the first game day so everyone will be there. We’re organizing a team cookout between games and the entire team – veterans and newbies – are conspiring what to bring and how to dress up.

Usually we have one double header during a season and the idea of starting off with it at the peak of the season (the beginning) is almost too much for my heart, my brain and my body to handle. Last night at the captain’s meeting, I took our new balls and smelled the terrible, terrible new rubber smell and… I liked it.

The birds will be singing. Love will be in the air. Goodwill will fill Interstate Park with donations of shoes to benefit third-world countries, pet food and supplies collected for local shelters, nice towels for disadvantaged youth, and more and more and more.