Looking to Buy a Welcome Gift for Coach Bielema, Wife Jen?

Imagine being a newlywed, only nine months married, and having to move to a new house in a new city in a new state and get settled into a new job.

Sounds not fun, to us.

One of our unofficial nationwide fact checkers and friend of the Sporting Life Arkansas stumbled upon this Macy’s wedding gift registry for the Bielema’s last night, and as a public service, we thought we would pass it along, just in case you wanted to send the new “First Couple” of Arkansas Razorbacks Sports a welcome gift, wedding gift, early Christmas gift or house-warming gift.

While many of the items on the registry have been received, there are several gifts still needed, such as Vera Wang goblets; a Waterford pitcher; and Vera Wang place settings. Additionally, there are practical needs listed, from sheets to towels and mattress pads (both king and twin).


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