Marshall Henderson – The Rhymenoceros or Hiphopopotamos


While watching a bracket show on ESPN Sunday afternoon, we took note when Rece Davis called Ole Miss standout and SEC-leading scorer, Marshall Henderson, “Marshall ‘Mathers’ Henderson – the real Slim Shady.” It was a hat tip to the Rebels’ shooter with a big mouth and on-court personality of an in-your-face hardened and misunderstood punk.

The reference made us chuckle and check out Henderson’s online persona through Twitter, where we found Henderson less Eminem and more Flight of the Conchords – either Hiphopotomas or Rhymenoceros. We’re not sure which. One raps about reality, like him and his grandma having a cup a tea. The other has lyrics that are sometimes sexist.

A few of our favorite tweets to illustrate this misunderstood star:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

So, as you make your bracket selections, remember, when it comes to Marshall Henderson, you better watch out because you don’t really know who you’re dealing with…

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