Oaklawn Traditions. What Is Your Favorite? OPEN THREAD.

Oaklawn opens for the 2015 live racing season, and they’re off and running.

Oaklawn Traditions & Superstitions

Oaklawn, an Arkansas tradition since 1905, is famous for the excitement of world-class live racing, the run-up to the Arkansas Derby, the delicious Corned Beef sandwiches, and so much more, has spawned all manner of traditions and superstitions among its fans.

This writer’s father – who was not a superstitious man – had an odd Oaklawn tradition. Or maybe it was a superstition.

He would put a $5 bet on the #5 horse in the 5th race every time he went, which after his retirement was pretty much every time it was open. He claimed that #5 was his lucky number and that bet often saved him from a losing day at the track. He and I spent many happy hours tracking down and poring over the racing from for the next days event.

We’re curious about your Oaklawn traditions and superstitions are. Let us know in the comments below.

And for the complete 2015 racing schedule, click here.


Oaklawn Racing & Gaming website.

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