One on One with Jim Harris – 2015 Razorback Class is no Nutt Class


It all started with an early morning update based on a late night conversation between Jim Harris and the sports desk, somewhere around 11:30 or so about the 2015 Razorback class.

This was Jim’s initial reaction to the 2015 Arkansas Razorback signing day class when we asked his thoughts. To us there were some spots filled at the last second and in a thrown-together way. Here’s his reply:

“Only at the finish, the last couple, not including Dominique Reed (WR, Camden),” he said. “They didn’t get KJ Hill or Toby Weathersby. But that’s basically it. The first 20 pulled in are pretty good players, the best they figured to get considering where the program is at the moment. But their fallbacks like Colton Jackson and Willie Sykes surprisingly aren’t chumps. This isn’t a Houston Nutt class.”

That last phrase:  This isn’t a Houston Nutt class. Started a fantastic conversation on Twitter today between Jim and Jason who is @xMRPRFTx while tweeting. We think you will on enjoy the breakdowns of classes from Nutt through Petrino between these two.





















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