What is an ACL Injury?


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are among the most common sports-related injuries in the United States.


Approximately 200,000 people each year suffer trauma to their ACL. Damage to the ACL occurs most often during activity when the ligament becomes stretched beyond its capacity.

Activities such as basketball, football, soccer and skiing, where sudden pivoting can occur are most often linked to the injury.

When the injury occurs it is common to hear a “popping” sound in the joint. Pain and swelling will happen almost immediately. The joint will feel very weak and unstable. One must cease activity once these symptoms manifest.

ACL Injury

There are multiple non-surgical routes such as physical therapy and the use of a knee brace that one might consider after suffering an injury to the ACL. The primary drawback to these options is that one must give up aggressive physical activity to protect the knee from further damage.

If physical therapy and the use of a knee brace don’t offer you the stability and strength you require for daily life, or you are just not willing to give up your favorite high-impact sports, then arthroscopic knee surgery may be the answer.


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