Has the Sports Editor in Heber Springs Been Hacked or Lost His Mind?

Wow! When the purported sports editor of the Heber Springs newspaper, Will Gilbert of the Sun-Times, popped up on our Twitter feed this morning with several outbursts regarding former Arkansas State University Red Wolves head football coach Gus Malzahn and his wife, Kristi, we were left dumbfounded.

We saw it first from Blake Eddins, who summed up our reaction.

[tweet https://twitter.com/_BlakeEddins/status/291221096135536641]

There is no love loss from many Arkansas State fans for Malzahn, and we get that, but a member of the working press openly attacking a former coach’s wife in a public forum? Let’s hope Gilbert has been hacked.

Again, we say, wow!

UPDATE: We’ve been digging a little deeper into this member of the “sporting press'” Twitter feed and thought we’d share some additional gems. We take it Gilbert really, REALLY dislikes Auburn.

Editors Note: Gilbert has deleted his tweets. For what it’s worth, these are the links to what they were.

[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/287583816158162946] [tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/287583441363542016] [tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/284052544551010304]

UPDATE II: Everybody’s favorite singing, hog-hat wearing, taped-up-nosed, Hog fan @lizhoney2u has offered some comments on this brouhaha.

[tweet https://twitter.com/lizhoney2u/status/291243234838073345] [tweet https://twitter.com/lizhoney2u/status/291261929018765312]

UPDATE II: We hear from Gilbert, with a defense, and finally an apology.

Editors Note: We captured a screen shot of the apology. Again, his tweets have been deleted, but here are the links to what they were.

[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291268071442751491]
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291269559124643841]
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291270675178590209]
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291272742039347200]
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291273352033755137]
And he still doesn’t care much for Malzahn:
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291287748327899136]
And to folks on Twitter:
[tweet https://twitter.com/sports_will/status/291290030331277312]
And from around the web, there’s this and this.
  • I just quietly put down the can of tomato juice I was drinking and refluxed a little.

  • Flipper

    You might want to change your article in reference to Red Wolves fans being irked. The Heber Springs tweets appear to have #WPS in them so we are off the hook on this one.

    That said, Malzahn isn’t beloved by a lot of Red Wolves fans or Razorback fans. He has brought the state closer together.

    I don’t expect any Arkansans to suddenly root for Auburn just because Gus is there…except for a few nuts.

    But this is just some Arkansas stuff….Gus is in a much hotter kitchen than that now. He better get a lot less prickly about that sort of thing than he was at ASU.

  • ASU Fan Rules

    I agree with Flipper. Red Wolves fans have more class than that.

    • Flipper

      From his Twitter: I support all Arkansas schools but Hogs are my fav

  • Evin

    “That said, Malzahn isn’t beloved by a lot of Red Wolves fans or Razorback fans. He has brought the state closer together.”


    Also, anybody else notice the vast time discrepancy in the below?

    Coach Gus Malzahn@CoachGusMalzahn
    21 Sep 12
    Excited about watching high school football in Northwest Arkansas tonight!

    Will Gilbert@sports_will
    @CoachGusMalzahn Excited about kicking your ass in the near future #WPS
    26 Dec 12

  • money

    Coach Gus Malzahn ‏@CoachGusMalzahn
    Happy to see my man Cam back at AU this semester working toward his degree. #wareagle

    Anyone truly believe Saint Malzahn isn’t dirty? “My man Cam” Urp… Sounds so genuine to me, like a white boy trying to fit in…