Jeff Long Tweets “THE TRUTH” Raising the Ire of Red Wolves Fans


From Dec. 17, 2012:

As we monitored social media streams for news and developments Sunday afternoon, we noticed our stream blow up with an odd back and forth between Razorback fans and Red Wolves and at least one member of the sporting press regarding a message purportedly from Jeff Long, the athletic director at the University of Arkansas.

Actually, it was @jefflongua quoting a tweet from a Hog fan, then @jefflongua adding his two cents.


The blowback from ASU fans on Twitter has been swift and steady.

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

ASU system President Dr. Charles Welch tweets:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

And we hear back from @jefflongUA

[tweet] [tweet]

We will continue to add tweets as we see them.

What do you think? Was it a shot? The truth? Appropriate?

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  • Rupert

    Thin skinned? A while back Razorback fans freaked the hell out when Chuck Welch tweeted “Get ready Arkansas!”. He was, of course, referencing the State of Arkansas, not UAF.

    • J. R.


      • Rupert

        1) Chuck Welch tweeted “Get Ready Arkansas!”
        2) Razorback fans freaked out thinking he was calling them out
        3) He was referencing the “State of Arkansas” not UAF so their freakout was asinine.

        Therefore….you have no business calling anyone thin-skinned.

        Is that in a format you can understand?

      • J. R.

        Thank you for proving my point… 🙂

      • Rupert

        You are brilliant.

      • Thurston Howell, III

        Let me summarize this, if ASU was not a threat to the beloved Hogs Jeff Long would not make such a comment. THE TRUTH!

        Furthermore, no ASU fan believes that we have just as big of fan base, program, or that we can kick butt in the SEC. But, what we do have is vision for the future and we have the confidence that the school and program will achieve the recognition and respect it deserves.

        As far as Jonesboro goes there is not a damn thing wrong with the town or area. Jonesboro is a very clean and wealthy town with the Memphis Metro just an hour away. Most people commenting on Jonesboro likely have never been there. It also sits on a ridge so there is no mosquitoes smart ass.

      • arksportsfan

        Come on, class up man. I think you meant are no mosquitoes. Don’t make those of us in NEA look bad.

  • TB Taylor

    Jeff Who? Not really interested in who ever he is or what he says….nor interested in what any UA fans have to say about ASU. I’m more concerned with stAte , Red Wolves, and what THEY do and say! We’ve got a conference to compete in, a bowl game to win, and an opportunity to make that top 25 before this season is over. I can only imagine UA “wallows” in their own problems daily……along with Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee. As far as I’m concerned UA has a lot more to worry about than ASU. We’re on the way up…they on the other hand are struggling profusely. They probably will have a hard way to go the next several years. Both our schools represent Arkansas and it’s great when both teams are on top. Now ASU is making it’s way upward and it’s left up to us to see how much higher we can climb….it has been seen how far UA can fall. Now’s not the time to scrap with or worry about a team ranked with those schools in the bottom tier (BCS rankings, etc.) Let’s take care of bidness in our world not theirs….they’ve got enough problems and so do we. Our program is prospering so lets not waste any energy by buying into desperation ploys to convince people ASU is not a factor. I don’t care if they think we are or not. I see we are with my own eyes. I saw it with this years attendance, I see it in the building of our new facilities. I see it with the additional news coverage, and I see it with the coach we have and the two we had. Regardless of how we might feel about those guys we won games….more than any other school in this state over the past two years. We won big……UA lost big! That’s all there is to it…it’s a fact and UA fans can’t take that away so let’s relish in our recent accomplishments and give Jeff What’s his name the attention he deserves from us….NONE.

  • Amber

    Thanks for the free press attention statewide Jeff.

    • KennyDamDell

      Lol you have proven more points with that statement then you can imagine. Does it bother you guys that the University of Arkansas’ coaching search brought more press to state athletics then the best season you have had in years , your coaching search, and your bowl game combine. RED WOLF RISING ….. about ankle high to a hog right now.

  • KennyDamDell

    Seriously? ASU Fans this is the first time an AD from the mother ship has even acknowledged your existence. The last AD referred to you as the Tech School in the Mosquito Patch. I am all about Arkansas as whole getting represented well but to even think that you are in the same league as the University OF Arkansas is silly. You play your part, and for that we appreciate you but at not point in time will you ever compete in the same league as the schools surrounding you, unfortunately it is just not economically viable for you to do so. This is just a case of little brother getting butt hurt by big brother, but in reality little brother knows his role. Unfortunately Little Brother has a lot of growing up to do so don’t lock horns or tusk in this case with a monster you couldn’t even begin to think about challenging on any level.

    • Rupert

      Now that’s pretty funny loser to ULM who has a policy against locking horns with us. lol

      • KennyDamDell

        Says the team that has a 19-14 record against them 🙂

    • donnie1975

      WELL PUT!

  • nattystate

    lol…. why are we even talking about Arkansas State? what a waste of breath. I just feel bad for all of you that have to live in Jonesboro. I don’t get why there is animosity. They should recognize their place in the food chain. It’s funny they relish in Arkansas’ failure, but the majority of our fans have no problem rooting them on. It’s unfortunate they’ve become a stepping stone recently.

    • Rupert

      lol. you are talking about ASU because your current AD accidentally stepped in a pile of pig without thinking and started talking about ASU. SMILE!